Single Shot Monday: After The Anglicans…

IMG_6190_market_tulips_elengrey_april_2014 (1024x765)

There’s a little market on Bayview in East York — Savory Thymes. It’s squeezed up to Cobs Bread. You East Yorkers know what I’m talking about.

After our weekly visit with the Anglicans on Sunday, we never sometimes always often cruise Bayview for a crust of bread, or a clutch of buds, or both. It’s a primal thing in me. Right, Mr. G, honey?

I bought the white ones.

I bought the pink ones.

They are my winter buster of choice.

It’s the last time. I swears.

We did a spring studio tour this weekend. There is nothing I like better than visiting local artists in their homes and studios. You never know what finds you will find.

What about you?

And Monday blooms.



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