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Close Shot Friday 071 And Feed Finds…

IMG_8014_hydrangea_september_2014 (1280x955)


Hover and click.

I snapped this at LOL Sister’s on my recent visit. And that’s Land of Lincoln, if you didn’t see Wednesday’s post.

This plant had blooms in three stages. Some were pink, some blue, and this. Just emerging. Just turning.

But I loved the way the leaves were cloaking the blossom.

Meanwhile, back on the intertoobs. Let’s do a little…

Feed Finds

For Food Lovers ~ @ One Man’s Meat – Porcini Crusted Fillet Steak… Conor Bofin is a food blogger out of Dublin, Ireland. I read him as much for his entertaining style as his recipes. He has a keen wit. Be sure to read his French Retreat Series. Click on over.

For Photography Lovers Everywhere ~ @ The Weekly Minute – Shane Francescut’s Beauty in Ottawa: Mer Bleue Bog. Shane recently relocated from Toronto to Ottawa. He is best known for his street photography. Oh, just look at everything. I love his photographic voice. Click. On. Over.

TGIF, baby.

You know what to do. Meet you in the bar in 3…2…1…


Clost Shot Friday 069 and Feed Finds…

IMG_7504_vintage_dodge_truck_elengrey_september_2014 (956x1280)

Don’t look in the upper left corner and you won’t go blind. I should have taken my own advice. I’m still blinking dots.

Still, I love this vintage truck so much. The windows look like they might’ve melted a little bit.

That bumper is hanging on for dear life.

Somebody fled and left the door open. Did you notice that?

She’s probably having a triple hit of espresso at Balzac’s right now.

That’s where I’d be if the bumper was hanging by a bolt on my vintage truck, and the windows were all melty, and the headlights were gone, baby, gone.

You got a shot of the hood, the grill here.

Wait until you see the interior.

I’m saving that for a special moment.

Meanwhile, back on the intertoobs. Let’s do a little…

Feed Finds

For Organic Foodies Everywhere ~ @ Eye Candy Popper – ECP’s Heirloom Tomato, Zucchini and Goat Cheese Stack. ECP is a French Canadian eco-blogger with a passion for healthy living. We share a love of tomatoes and locally grown food, among other things. Click on over.

For DIY Lovers ~ @ The Lettered Cottage – Layla’s Laundry Room Countertop and Reclaimed Wood Shelves. I’ve been reading Layla for a while. She has such a love for everything she does. And one of the things she loves best is repurposing salvage finds. I have lust in my heart for what she’s done with this old door. Shh. Don’t tell her. Click. On. Over.

For Writers and Other Multitaskers ~ @ Kristen Lamb’s Blog – Multi-Tasking vs. Multi-Focusing – Be Fruitful Not Busy. Kristen always dishes the tough love with a healthy dose of humor. As a writer, she’s one of my go-to reads. Click. Click. Click.

For Humor Lovers ~ @ WebDonuts – Mike Gruhn’s Twist. I never miss Gruhn humor. It lands in my mailbox every morning. Clickety click. And then click some more.

TGIF, baby.

You know what to do. Meet you in the bar in 3…2…1…


Single Shot Monday: I just said, “Gimme.”…

IMG_6078_elengrey_march_2014 (1280x1280)

I’m giving you a bit of the green for St. Patrick’s Day and some spring luscious red.

A dinner guest arrived last week with a bottle of white in one hand and clutching this pot of tulips in the other.

I didn’t know which to go after first, so I just said, “Gimme.”

As soon as the ground thaws in July, I’ll be plunking them in the frontscape.

Just kidding.

It’ll thaw way before that.

Looks around nervously. Chews thumb.

Feed Finds

If you have a little bit of the Irish in you today ~ @ The Art of Doing Stuff — Karen’s How to spend the day Irish style. I’ve been reading Karen’s blog for a long time. Why? Because she truly knows how to do stuff. And she’s funny. Funny, funny, funny. You should be reading her, too. Go on. Click on over.

For Cupcake Lovers Everywhere ~ @ Myndi Shafer — Myndi’s Cupcakes. Myndi knows how to talk cupcakes in a way that makes me smile and remember. I wanted to gallop downstairs and sift things in the kitchen. You might see a bit of the green in that last shot? I need a recipe, Myndi. Clickety-click.

And Monday gallops in with spring riding its tail.


I Call it the Crypt and Feed Finds…

garden_box_1_elengrey_august_2013 (1280x746)

I call it the Crypt, even though it’s not underground. Mr. G, honey made this garden box for my birthday last year. I haven’t had a chance to use it yet. Can’t wait. Try not to let the glare poke you in the eye.

It’s eight feet long, two feet deep, and 2 1/2 feet high. I told him if I go before he does, he can just pitch me and my Kindle in there and plant potatoes. Elen humor. But with the resurgence of coyotes in Burbville, I’m rethinking that. He’s probably more worried about a zombie apocalypse.

IMG_5810_garden_box_elengrey_february_2013 (1280x953)

Shiver me crypt.

IMG_5857_garden_box_elengrey_february_2013 (1280x956)

Not looking good.

IMG_5874_garden_box_elengrey_february_2013 (1280x952)

We’ll never see Kansas again, Toto.

garden_box_2_elengrey_february_2013 (1280x815)

Digging out. Filling up.

That last one was taken yesterday.

I ripped the winter wreath off the front door today.

Ripped. It. Off.

The end.

Feed Finds

For Creatives Everywhere ~ @ In Flow – Otto von Münchow’s A Path to Creative Life. Otto is a photojournalist and blogger that I follow. He makes beautiful photography, but he also writes thought-provoking posts on creativity. Click on over.

For Writers ~ @ Kristen Lamb’s Blog – Show Me the Money – What’s the Skinny on Author Earnings? Guest post by Jami Gold. “Money seems to be the taboo and we don’t want to talk about it. Too gauche. But most of us would like to be paid for what we do, so time to dig into the uncomfortable stuff…” Really, you should be reading this blog regularly. Click. On. Over.

For Beet Lovers Everywhere ~ @ Canadian Gardening — Charmian Christie’s Sow a Rainbow of Heirloom Beets. I’ll take the candy-striped. No, wait. The Golden. Click. Click. Click.

For Lovers of Small Spaces ~ Just for fun. @ Taxi — Jillian Wong’s A Tiny Manhattan Micro Loft Apartment Transformed… Really. I could live here. Clickety click.

The Feed Finds are always an eclectic mix. I like it that way.

Go forth and prosper on Thursday.


mellow yellow, baby…

IMG_3901_peeping_yellow_elengrey_april_2013 (1280x960)

And… it’s back at the Toronto Botanical Gardens.

We’re yellow-peeping.

Mellow Yellow, baby.

For Music/Dance/Fun Lovers Everywhere ~ @ Myndi Shafer — Shhh..Listen. Myndi is definitely a go-to-gal for a giggle, a laugh, a smile. This qualifies for the @LdyDisney Friday Happy Dance of JOY!!! It’s a twofer. Click on over.



underpass and feed finds…

underpass_elengrey_march_2013 (949x1280)

Underpass — Part of me thinks riding a dirt bike in and out and through there would be cool. Verra cool. The other part hopes there isn’t a giant sinkhole brewing underneath the crushing weight of this underpass.

That’s how my thoughts are rolling this Friday.

We put a LED Infrared Detection Light on our staircase. Go ahead. Google it. It does look a little spooky.

We put it there so we wouldn’t break our necks on our blueberry blue staircase before the runner is installed.

We call it the Bogey Light. Gracie Allen Golden Pup will not step one paw across the sacred line of the Bogey Light. I roll my eyes. She stands on the landing and paces from side to side, toenails clicking and clacking. And then she clears her throat until I appear at the top of the stairwell and motion her upward. Sometimes, I have to squat and cajole her just like when she was a pup and I was teaching her to climb the stairs. No matter what, I have to be standing there or she will not pass… unless there is a popcorn bowl, and I’m behind her. Then she can get past the Bogey Light just fine. C’mon guys. Shake it! We’re having popcorn!!

For Vintage Lovers ~ @ The Sartorialist — Viva Las Vegas, Las Vegas. These shots from the Vintage Car Show and the Pool Party. Oh, the color! Each one of these images is stunning. This is one of my favorite sites for photography and street fashion and glorious color. Clickety, click. And click it big.

For Fashion Lovers Everywhere  ~ @ Myndi Shafer — QUICK GIGGLE: 100 Years of Fashion in 100 Seconds. This video is pure genius. Shafer always makes me laugh. I visit her blog frequently. Click on over.

For Bird/Nature/History Lovers ~ @ Belle Grove Plantation — The Osprey Get A New Home. Michelle and Brett Darnell will soon be opening Belle Grove Plantation in Port Conway, Virginia as an elegant Bed & Breakfast. I’ve been following their story avidly. Click, click, click.

The Friday Feed Finds are always an eclectic mix. I like it that way.

TGIF, baby!