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Those l-h-crazy days of summer…

I’m not sure why they call them the “lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer” — Thank you Nat King Cole, Charles Tobias and Hans Carste! — when the only time they feel lazy and hazy is when it’s 111 (Yeah, we love you, Humidex.) outside and you’re living your day prostrate, mainlining popsicles. The rest of the time, they feel just plain crazy.

We won’t even talk about the heatwaves, droughts, fires, mudslides, floods, and the pain in our collective butt that is Mama Global-Freaking-Warming Weather. We’re all doing the Neutron Dance, baby.

No, we won’t talk about that.

But let’s take a moment to give a shout out to emergency workers, firefighters, EMS, Search and Rescue…, civilian and military alike, standing on the front line just doing what they consider to be their jobs, and which I consider to be rocking some serious sauce of awesome.

This is what I have been doing ~

In the hottest July on record, I decided it was time to redo the stairs and landing and upper hall which, oh yeah, are painted floors. It was time. Seriously. It was probably past time. Mr. G, honey was conscripted to sand. Patch. And sand. Nope. He had no choice. None. Then all the swiffing, tacky cloth-ing, painting, and repeat was done by me; followed by sealing, sealing, sealing. Thrown in there somewhere was a gazillion trips to the various depots of home.

This was a tricky project because, contrary to popular belief, I am not a Jetson. I do not have a Jet Pack. I and Mr. G, honey and the Golden Digger have to get to the second floor in the usual way — up the stairs, along the landing, and down the hall. So, it was up before the chickens — What time do they get up anyway? — suck back some liquid breakfast, announce for the last time that You now have five minutes to get anything you need from the second floor until 10 o’clock this evening. I’m serious! And don’t forget your socks!!

Good times.

I will say that it was miles easier than the last time I did this. Because the last time I did this, I painted the stairs and risers different colors and the floors were painted as if they had carpets on them. I know. I’ll wait for you to finish processing that and taking a moment for an eye roll. This time, I was practically demure. One color throughout. Let me just say that Lowe’s did a great job of taking a paint can of discontinued paint from the Ice Age — in just the right shade of blue; not the blue of sea glass, not Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House blue; but the blue of a quart of wild blueberries  — and replicating the contents just like we were aboard the Starship Enterprise. Thank you, Lowe’s.

You cannot look at this blog and not know that I’m passionate about color. I won’t apologize. I rationalize this by saying it’s because I live in the Great White North, and it can be darksome and dreary eleventy-hundred months of the year. But I’m pretty sure that if I lived in There’s No Place Like Home, Kansas, I’d still be throwing down some eye-popping color. Color ‘R Us.

Project is done. Baseboards next. In a restful, neutral white. Not duck egg white; not Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House white, but the white of…

Lastly, some sort of runner treatment.

Recap of Project:

I only stepped in fresh paint four times the first day — at which time I considered using my own foot as a stencil — and twice the second day, and none after that. This is why I’m not allowed to use a sander, or putty knife, or anything metal, or that conducts electricity. I’m just kidding.

Li’l bit.

Hey, hey, hey.

Been doing any projects lately?

TGIF, baby!

Red, Green, Blue, Yellow…

Goin’ up…

It’s Friday Happy Dance of JOY!!! hour with Lisa Kessler, aka @LdyDisney. Welcome girls and boys.

Today, We’re throwing down a little Canadaland with the Canadian folk-rock band out of Newfoundland — Great Big Sea. It seems only right, as we head into the long weekend celebrations for Canada Day on July lst.

Goin’ Up

I know you want to be in this video, Lisa!

A shout out to my good friend @KeziahFenton for sharing her love of Great Big Sea on her Facebook page with their Run Runaway. I’m pretty sure she listens to them while she writes.

Goin’ Up gave me a good dose of FHDofJ.

For Cheese Freaks Lovers Everywhere ~ @ Cheese and Toast, Curds and Eh eps 2: Quebec (get ready to change your summer vacation plans) by guest blogger, Kelsie Parsons. I see a Quebec field trip in our future. There isn’t anything I don’t love about this blog. Clickety click.

For Garden Lovers Everywhere ~ @ The Soulsby Farm, Dan Soulsby’s 10 Useful Tips for Every Gardener. I recently discovered The Soulsby Farm blog on sustainable farming and gardening, and I cannot look away. Click on over.

The big question I see on my Twitter and FB feed today is… Are you going to see Magic Mike this weekend? Who is going to see Magic Mike this weekend? And variations on that theme.

Sadly, I am not. No one wants to sit next to Super Viral Crud Woman and her haaaaaack! Although, I’m wondering if the audience would even notice.

Will I be going? Why, yes. I will.

FYI ~ I had to agree to go to some live musical production of I don’t wanna with Mr. G, honey in order for him to agree to go with me to see Magic Mike. I’d probably be smarter to just go alone.

Just sayin’.

TGIF, baby!

Da Doo…

It’s Friday Happy Dance of JOY!!! hour with Lisa Kessler, aka @LdyDisney. Welcome girls and boys.

A little girl group power from the sixties.

The Crystals — 1963 — Da Doo Ron Ron — Written by Jeff Barry and Ellie Greenwich — Produced by Phil Spector.

There’s some serious dancing going on behind The Crystals.

For Writers ~ @ Kristen Lamb’s Blog, Lamb’s Learning to Drop the Donkey—Is Perfectionism Killing Your Career? Own the donkey. Click, writer, click.

For Wardrobe Simplifiers ~ @ Small Notebook, Rachel’s Add More Variety to Your Wardrobe, Not Just More for Your Closet. I love Rachel’s minimalist living ‘tude. I lust after her scarf collection, too. Click on over.

For Ex-Lovers Everywhere ~ @ Girlfriends Book Club, Laura Dave’s Seven Days To A Highly Effective Break Up. Fem strategies. Freedom Friday was my fave. Click. Click. Click.

TGIF, baby!

What is it?…

I was out this morning at the produce market before it became 86-feels-like-88-Fahren and couldn’t walk away without getting this for the front garden. I have a deep red hen & chicks out there that could use some company.

Well, when I planted it last year, it was just a hen. But that hen’s biological clock was ticking, and now there are about 7 chicks out there. Go, Hen!

What is it?

That’s it in all its sooc glory. I know it’s a succulent.

This was an iPhone shot. I wanted you to see the tiny, bright flowers. Happy, happy. Joy, joy.

Look at those leaves? Petals? It makes me think of an artichoke.

C’mon. All you enlightened succulent gardeners, what is it?

I made those images extra big just for you.

TGIF, baby!

four more boards and a post…

All spare time this week has been dedicated to the one I love fence staining.

Yes, we’ve been hopelessly devoted to you the fence.

Help me! I’m caught up in a musical time warp.

We’ve been doing this…

Man. I wish I had thought of that.

We’ve actually been doing this…

Except you should look at that color and think charcoaly brown or browny charcoal. Dark, baby, dark. It makes a terrific backdrop for plantings, by the way.

During a storm earlier this spring, a section of our shared fence waved like Mickey Mouse at Walt Disney World. It will be replaced later this summer by someone who knows what he’s doing — not me — and we thought we might as well go ahead and spruce up the existing remaining fence.

It needed it.

In a bad way.

I couldn’t even take before pictures.

Fence is high maintenance.

Fence needs constant attention.

Fence is a bad relationship.

Oops. Wrong post.

After my bran buds, I have to drag myself out to the back ten and stain four more boards and a post.

That is all.

Four more boards and a post.

Don’t think I haven’t been counting.

Speaking of a time warp. Let’s Rocky Horror it with author Lisa Kessler, and the Friday Happy Dance of JOY!!!

The Time Warp

TGIF, baby!