middle muddle + pics…

Here we go!

We had lots of rain between the In other words, no mo’ grass… post and before pics and the actual project start date. Lots of rain. Rain, we had.

It’s now the second week of June. Here comes my favorite toy. The Men With Tools and Machinery wouldn’t let me drive it. They wanted it all to themselves. Dang men.

Let’s take her out for a spin. See what she can do.

She can do that.

And she can do this. Cut the cable. Snip. Snip.

Thus endeth the work of the Landscape Boys until Cable Guy could make an appearance. Which he did. The next day. He fixed my cable super duper and made a nice little lawn ornament in the middle of my nekkid lawn microscape.

I thought about stopping the project right here. Looks pretty good. A lot better than before. But I was driven. I had a little plan.

To be continued, more middle muddle…

We are smack dab in the middle of Thanksgiving Weekend here in Canadaland. It’s 75 Faren and the sun is shining, and will be shining for the next several days. Super Techlet and Mr. Super Techlet have hied off to the Greater White North to do some leaf-peeping and some new-to-super-techlet relative-peeping. So Mr. G, honey and Golden Pup and I are washing and waxing the car, painting the front door, grilling out doors.

Sounds like Labor Day Weekend. I know it.

That’s how we’re rolling this Thanksgiving.