getting to the good stuff…

…continuing saga of our frontscape.

After the patio pavers went in, things moved fast.

How fast?

So fast, I didn’t manage to get pictures.

It rained some more, and a truck broke down, and then the Men With Tools and Machinery brought in soil. Lots and lots of soil. Inches of it. And smoothed it all around my frontscape, tucking it here and tucking it there.

After that, they brought in organic mulch. Lots and lots of organic mulch. And smoothed it all around my frontscape, tucking it here and tucking it there. That wasn’t as easy as tucking soil. Organic mulch doesn’t like to be tucked so much. I think hurling might have been involved. It happened so fast, I think they might have also come in the middle of the night, those Landscape Boys.

While they were smoothing this and smoothing that, Mr. G, honey and I were supposed to hie ourselves off to the rock lot and pick out our large specimens. More communication with hand signals. I want river rock this [       ] big and two rocks this [                                               ] big. Each.

We bought those rocks by the pound. We went to the rock lot and pointed at a rock and said, “This one.” Rock Lot Guy nodded and went over and hopped on a rock-mover like he was in a Fred Flintstone episode and moved that rock over to a weigh scale. Then we pointed at another rock and said, “That one.” Rock Lot Guy nodded and…repeat.

This took a long time. There were a lot of rocks at the rock lot.

By the time we got home, the Landscape Boys had the pea gravel trench in and the larger river rock space done, per our earlier confab with hand signals.

Here, along the drive in a straight line, for the pea gravel.

Here, just off center, for the river rock.

pea gravel trench needs a bath


The Men With Tools and Machinery brought my rocks from the rock lot in the back of their truck. I’m sure they were loaded on the truck with the aid of the rock-mover. Not so much at our end.

pretty organic mulch

The truck was backed up onto the lawn right over that river rock, and those Landscape Boys rolled and grunted and grunted and rolled those rocks right off the tailgate of that truck. Thud. Thud.

the stone on the left used to be on the right — yep

More rolling and grunting and those rocks were set in place. Two sets of very hopeful eyes looked at me while the Landscape Boy in charge asked me if that was exactly where I wanted them?

They were sweating it. I could tell. Especially after I made that crack about how this was going to be just like moving a couch for the little woman… a little to the left. No. A little to the right. No…

view from the back gate

Those two rocks together weighed-in at 500 pounds. They moved one twice.

I felt the love.

Yes, there is more to come…