Hump Day Meets The Polar Vortex…

The north wind polar vortex doth blow,

And we shall have…

The internet is wonky today.

I’m blaming it on the polar vortex.

There is not enough walnut in my oatmeal this morning.

Yep. Polar vortex.

I’m having trouble following the plot of The Honourable Woman.

Polar vortex.

The zombie squirrel using my garden as a giant root cellar…

Under the influence of the PV.

Either that, or it must be Hump Day.


Something to take your mind off the polar vortex.

Or Hump Day.

Or whatever.

On the road ramble in late October, we swung through Guelph, Ontario. This is part of Market Square in the downtown core.

IMG_8504_benches_in_waiting_elengrey_october_2014 (956x1280)


You know I love a good bench. A good bench in the rain, even better.

IMG_8523_autuman_reflections_elengrey_october_2014 (1280x956)

Guelph will not disappoint in the autumn. Wet, leaves, reflections on the stairs of the Church of Our Lady Immaculate, which watches over Market Square quietly, somberly, soberly, diligently.

I’m loving the ly words this morning.

These next three images were taken at the University of Guelph, Macdonald Stewart Art Centre, Donald Forster Sculpture Park. That is a mouthful.

IMG_8565_camping_gear_sculpture_elengrey_october_2014 (1280x956)

This is part of a 4-piece sculpture depicting the Canadian camping experience.

IMG_8568_hiking_boots_sculpture_elengrey_october_2014 (1280x956)

Those socks looked warm. Even in bronze. I wanted to try them on for size. Boots, too. #canttakemeanywhere

The detail blows me away.

IMG_8578_mask_sculpture_elengrey_october_2014 (956x1280)


Hands down, my favorite piece.

Here’s a link to the sculpture garden. Hover over any number and find out who created the piece and when. Click on a number and an image will pop up. 36 works in all. I swoon.

I’m out freezing my polar vortex off, bagging leaves as fast as I can. B.S.

Before snow.

Here be Hump Day.

Click over it.


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