Single Shot Monday: False… +

heliopsis_elengrey_august_2016 (1280x1280)


Commonly known as false sunflower.

I’m all about the yellow this season, mellow or otherwise.

This was plunked in the frontscape at the curve of the patio. I can tickle the blossoms with my fingers… from my chair. I would never do that.

Ha-ha. Yes, I would.

Three yellow Instas went up on Instagram yesterday. This was one of them. You can follow here. Go ahead. What are you waiting for?


I’ve signed on for the Taboo Word Challenge for the month of September. This new challenge is brought to you by All In A Dad’s Work. I met Eric, aka as stomperdad during the A to Z Challenge of 2015 and became a regular reader of his blog. Eric is engaging and makes me laugh.

The Taboo Word Challenge goes like this:

Each post you make will be missing a word… or rather written without using a given word. I have 20 words chosen. Each day, the taboo word will be a little harder to omit so you’ll have to be creative. The challenge will start on the first of September and run until the 28th. It’ll be a Monday to Friday challenge so there will be no taboo words on the weekends. I’ll post the full taboo word list on the 21 of August… (From All In A Dad’s Work)

I’ll be blogging anyway, so why not? Though since I’m a Mon/Wed/Fri blogger, I’ll only be posting on those days.

This looks like trouble. And I love a little trouble.

Join me. The more, the more hilarious. There’s a Linky here.

Monday is in the house.

Git to work.

Or sign up for the Taboo Word Challenge.

Or both.


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