Humpity Day: Imprinting…


I can’t decide if I should pick it or leave it there to show the others what to do.

I wasn’t kidding about the Jurassic Park enviro that I mentioned in Monday’s post. We’ve had a lot of rain. The spring was cool and rainy. The summer is coolish-warmish-rainish-boomerish-etcetera-ish, and full of brand new words. I claim them all.

It’s an intemperate climate in Burbville.

The perennials are perennials gone wild — growing a foot a day and blooming like crazy. The afternoon sun, when it shines, drenches them in sunny goodness.

The vegetable gardens (container, crypt, and ground) not so much. The radishes drowned early. In hindsight, I should have signed them up for swimming lessons at the local rec complex. The peppers and shallots and Swiss chard are experiencing stunted growth. Are they smoking after lights out or what? And the lettuce containers have been popping up mushrooms — long, skinny, alien mushrooms. Whatevs.

And that brings us to the container tomatoes (all cherry varieties). They are eleventy-hundred feet tall.

But all bazillion of ’em…

Green, glorious green.

Here be Hump Day.

Let’s just color it red.

Glorious, vine-ripened red.

Taps foot. Waits.


8 thoughts on “Humpity Day: Imprinting…

  1. Like a watched pot never boils, a watched tomato never ripens. Or something like that. Our carrots are thriving (slowly). Our green onion is ginormous. The peppers are coming along. And the pumpkin plants are starting to take hostages. We’re going to have more lettuce than herd of rabbits can eat. Going to have to give some of it away to the neighbors. Our summer has been hot and dry until just recently!

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  2. Gardens are such fickle things! I think my tomato crop is going to be a bit of a flop this year. Last years tommies were spectacular! In fact, I think I still have some in the freezer. Last year, I couldn’t get carrots to grow – this year, heaps of ’em! And don’t get me started on the beans!! But, Ha!! Love the image of dubbing up radishes for swimming lessons!!! Happy harvesting – especially all those wee tomatoes!

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