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Elen Grey

Disclaimer: I would rather recite the Times Tables to 12 backwards, do an hour of Hot Yoga in a ventless room with a gassy camel, or have the window seat next to a Blutbad flying on Air Force One than write a BIO.

I am a writer of genre fiction.

It’s important that you know I spent my years of lower learning in the Show-Me state. This is why I know the difference between a mosquito, a tick, and a chigger. Writers were born for research.

During my when-I-grow-up-I-wanna-be years in the Windy City and its finer suburbs, I wanted to be a train conductor. Ride the rails and blow that whistle, baby. I wanted to be a pilot, until I was actually airborne in my uncle’s four-seater. The little moo cows were cute, but the vertigo was a nauseous roll in the belly, and I was one puke bag away from death. I wanted to be a steamboat captain, but there are parasites in them thar waters. Yup. I wanted to be a race car driver, but I’m too claustrophobic to be strapped into an itty, bitty, metal container bolted to hunks of rubber. Motorcycle racer! The wind, the speed. Oops. The skid, the gravel. The legs looking like yesterday’s roadkill. Writers were born to spend most of their day in a chair, as God intended.

It took two weeks of summer camp for the Girl Scouts to teach me proper floating technique, without a flotation device. Bummer. In 14 agonizing, bug-ridden days, I was transformed from the non-floater to the non-stop floater. Let’s not speak of dog-paddling. It’s just painful. That pretty much sums up my eye/hand/foot coordination years. I did go on to excel in contact sports. By excel, I mean I could catch any ball anywhere, anytime… with my face. I moved on to handball and racquetball in my mature sports years. You can do a lot of crashing into walls in those sports. It’s a requisite. For once in my life, I looked totally cool. Writers were born to tell lies.

I’ve held countless jobs from working the penny candy counter in a cigar store to selling real estate. This makes my resume look like a page out of a Where’s Waldo book? Writers were born to work odd jobs — like actors — to support their craft.

Mr. G, honey scored a first date with this pick-up line — “Are you that statuesque blonde I met in the office?” Since I’m not overly tall and my legs only go to the floor, am I easy or what? This pick-up line is why writers were born to re-write.

Since I actually like digging in the same trench with the guy I married, I now call the wilds of suburban Canada my home. This is why I wear socks to bed from September to June. Writers were born to exaggerate.

25 thoughts on “About Elen

    • That is verra cool, Lee, especially coming from you! I see from your blog post that I have some things to do. We are in the midst of Thanksgiving weekend here in Canadaland, after which I will address the Daisy Award. Cheers!


  1. Elen, I’m an old Missouri boy myself: I was born deep in southeast Missouri and lived there until 1979. I moved from there to Carbondale, Illinois, and environs–and from there to the Northwest, and most recently to the Great North–Minneapolis, to be precise.

    Your blog is really enjoyable and witty. Thanks!


  2. Bonjour Elen

    Started on this page to see if you are the Canadian who did over 200 views of my pictures- it’s a record by the way and far outstrips my grand daughters sympathy clicks.

    You made me laugh out loud which ain’t easy as l am a fully paid up grumpy old man. So l guess l better get on with discovering the rest of your blog – I’m looking forward to it.




  3. Elen, so many thanks for visiting my own wee blog and awarding a follow. I am so glad to be able to welcome you aboard and if you have any requests or suggestions just drop me a line. Hope the snow is finally retreating to leave a field of meadow flowers (ion the countryside that is). MM 🍀


  4. Well gosh, after seeing you over at Maggie’s with your funny comment I had to swing by for a looksee. You’re too much fun not to follow 🙂 I got my own ‘MidWesterny’ roots thing going on and just returned from annual road trip back to Michigan. That is always fodder for some good family and travelin’ stories!


  5. Elen, this About page takes the cake… so, so, so funny! I wanted to ask if we were related, but that would imply I am as funny as you, which sounds kind of bigheaded, and my head fits my shoulders pretty well at present and I don’t fancy a larger model. So no, I’m not as funny as you. But I WANT TO BE! I also have a similarly Where’s Waldo resume, but that’s ok. Writers were born to reinvent. Also, we were born to be easily bored and move on to more exciting waters whenever the mood takes them. Writers were also born to be broke, necessitating the taking of weird and diverse jobs. Anything to pay for my next internet bill. Anyway, what I meant to say was that I love this introduction and cannot wait to read moreof you! Still can’t believe you found me before I found you… Thanks for the follow, by the way. I am seriously flattered! Mother Hen

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  6. We double up on the socks here, but then I’m sure you know that (Russian winters are ccccccoooollllddd.. What a fun blog, glad I found it. Write a bit myself, but not with the humor and wit you do. Will be back to explore more.

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