I see a field trip in our future…

Mr. G, honey sent me a link to the Canadiano site. I think he’s probably hinting for this personalized crafted coffeemaker. He’s about all things coffee at the moment.

I’m all about the verra creative videos. And the limited edition DoubleDouble. Heh.

Made in Canada, baby.

Because I like to share, and it’s Hump Day — that day of the week that we just need to bzzzzzzz right over — I give you Parker.

Parker knows how to make a manwich coffee.

The next time Canadiano does a Pop-Up shop, I see a field trip in our future. I am intrigued.

Wednesday, we’re on it.

Thanks for the tip, Mr. G, honey.

Now, which wood will he want?


Disclaimer: Canadiano doesn’t know me. They’ve never heard of me or my little bloggity. The end.

Just because…

…it’s Tuesday.

Just because it was 68 Fahren and raining yesterday.

Just because it is 28 Fahren and snowing today.

Just because I think I saw the Easter Bunny, with his ears twitching and his foot thumping, hiding eggs in the compost bin.

He is one diabolical bunny.

I’m on to you this year, E.B.

Just because.

Musician J. Walter Hawkes is having way too much fun playing that trombone.

He can play for me any second of the day.

My love for the music of Norah Jones is great.

I am for sure procrasti-writing today.

Gonna be sinkin’ soon.


Note: Here is a link to the music video for this piece. It has awesome. Sinkin’ Soon.

The Canadian Winter Blues…

I’m going to pretend I’m living on the wet west coast today and that it is noon, instead of 3 in the afternoon.

That’s how we’re rolling on Monday after 8 days of the super virus — like a super hero, only not — aka Mr. G, honey’s man-virus, aka the little virus that could.

And did.

I still sound like a veteran pack-a-day smoker with a serrated blade wedged between two ribs. But other than that, I sparkle.


A couple of days ago, @CanadaCool Lucy Izon tweeted a link to a video by Canadian musician Jesse Ferguson. Once I saw it, I knew I had to share it here with you. It’s my new theme song. Oh. And if you’re not following Toronto travel writer Lucy Izon on Twitter, you should be. Click on over.

Jesse’s got the Canadian winter blues with good reason. They’re taking a pounding in his neck of Canadaland.

Sing it, Jesse!

I’m singing right along with you.

Monday is in the house.


That’s just the fumes talkin’…

It’s all about the lack with no lustre today.

Two days ago, I looked like a cockatoo. Go ahead and Google an image. I’ll wait.

Yes, my hair was doing exactly that.

That is not a lie fiction.

Mr. G, honey confirmed it.

IMG_6094_seeds_1_elengrey_march_2014 (1024x765)

The man-virus carrier is on the mend. That means someone can make a grocery or drugstore run, and we can probably take the Zombie Zone — Enter At Your Own Risk sign off the front door. However, it’s a surprisingly effective solicitation deterrent, so I’m thinking maybe not.

Dear Fisherman’s Friend: If you have a Consumer of the Year award, I would qualify. Totally.

The G-Pup really wants a Fisherman’s Friend, but that’s just the secondhand fumes talkin’.

I am nothing but bruised ribs and seal bark. Oh, and the cockatoo hair. Let’s not forget that.

IMG_6096_seeds_2_elengrey_march_2014 (1024x765)

Appointments — canceled.

Tai Chi — maybe next week or in the afterlife, whichever comes first.

Fitbit — Where is the Find My Fitbit function? Mine either ran off to join the circus where people actually move about, and it has a purpose in life, or it’s riding some yoga gear at the bottom of the laundry hamper. The circus is the more likely scenario. Fitbits have feelings, too.


IMG_6100_seeds_3_elengrey_march_2014 (1024x765)

I’m thinking some happy thoughts because — Hello! — seed packets. Organic, heirloom, and heritage seeds from Edible Antiques and Cubit’s Organics.

I can’t wait to play.

I love the packaging for both of these products.

I don’t have much experience growing from seed, so gardening is going to be an adventure this year.

I wouldn’t say I’m a first-time seeder, but less than a hobbyist, more than a novice.

Meanwhile, thinking loudly of you, Atlantic Canada! You’re taking a drumming.

Thursday is just a few baby steps away from Friday.


Note: My intertoobs must be taking in the secondhand fumes, too. I’m having trouble connecting to the Edible Antiques site, so I’ve linked you to Stacey’s Twitter.

Note 2: There has been no reading of posts in my Reader this week. I apologize.

Single Shot Monday: Pinked…

the_pink_ladies_elengrey_june_2012 (1280x896)

You’ve been pinked.

This was taken outside a library in Ontario in early June of 2012. I don’t know about you, but I always like to check out the local library when I’m visiting a community. I could have sat on a bench and looked at that pink all day.

I could sit on a bench and look at it right now.

In fact, I would love to blink myself there right this very minute.


Because Mr. G, honey caught a man-virus, with a man-fever and a man-bark. It’s worse than a man-cold.

As in Beam-me-up-Scotty! worse.

Did I mention he’s a giver?

He likes to share.

He’s a very generous man.

And as I hack up a lung this cold spring morning, I’m sticking tiny pins in a little man-virus doll.

Monday rolls in with Fisherman’s Friend.

Mr. G likes the sucrose-free cherry.

I’m all about the original extra strong.

I smell chicken soup.


Close Shot Friday 046

john_deere_pei_elengrey_september_2012 (1024x737)

Meanwhile, back on Prince Edward Island.

My love of tractors, farm machinery, and big wheels lives on .

This image, cropped a bit and certainly a little grainy, is here for your viewing pleasure because of those fractured clouds and buildings in the cab window.

They are calling to me.

Right now, I just want to take that little cutie — Sorry, John Deere! — for a ride through the fields, down a dirt road.

It looks like it might even go over the river and through the woods.

Friday has arrived.

You know what to do. Meet you in the bar in 3…2…1…