Hump Day… + A of A to Z Challenge


 Alphabet Soup

n (1934): a hodgepodge esp. of initials (as of the names of organizations) ~ Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, 10th ed.


Nope. That’s not it.

This is it:

Alphabet Soup

True Confessions ~

I come by my love of soup honestly.

It’s on my genetic code.

Thank you, mama.

We grew up on Campbell’s soups. There were five children in our family and both parents worked full time… to make a living. Mom didn’t have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen at the end of the day. Any day.

She had a passion — still does — for soup. When I think about her, soup (and crackers) is an image that always pops into my head. Alphabet. Tomato. Pepper Pot. Chicken Noodle might be there, but I’ve learned to block that from my brain. It isn’t a Campbell’s soup that I embrace, then or now.

My passion now is homemade soup. I grew up to be a sodium freak, as in less is best.

Dutch Split Pea with Ham. Potato Leek. Chicken Vegetable Barley.

Tomato! Always, always with grilled cheese. It’s a classic, and one of my go to comfort foods. It’s ladled into those little Campbell’s soup mugs. I have them. Oh yes, I do.

Hamburger Soup is a tradition for Halloween, though it’s made with lean ground turkey more often than not.

But Alphabet and Tomato were my childhood favorites.

Pasta letters in your bowl?

C’mon. It’s a kid’s dream come true.

That’s entertainment, baby.

There are 36 posts waxing about soup on this blog. Go ahead. Type “soup” in the search bar. I’ll wait.

Living in the Great White North will do that to you. A stockpot, root vegetables, barley, and broth become an obsession. In fact, new immigrants settlers should be issued a stockpot upon arrival at the border. Just sayin’. It’s going to be your new best friend.

And then there’s the whole genetic code thing.

Yup. 36.

There’s even one dedicated to a chilled soup. Feels Like 98…

And my personal fave — Man Speak…

Soup has been around since man began cooking.

Alphabet Soup, according to this post at TriviaHappy, has been around for 150 years.

Campell’s started adding alphabet pasta to their vegetable soup in 1915.

Um. That’s not when I started eating it. Shakes head vehemently.


If you had a bowl of Alphabet Soup as a kid — or even later — raise your hand.

If you’re a soup addict like me, wave both your hands madly.

If you’ve never touched a bowl of soup in your life, put your head on your desk.

If you’ve ever made a naughty word with your Alphabet Soup letters… just send me a paper airplane note.

Don’t read that last sentence, Campbell’s mama. Of course, we didn’t do that. Never. Ever.

Here be Hump Day.

Let’s just slurp right through it.


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Close Shot Friday 091… Accidental Art

Took a little field trip yesterday down to the AGO — Art Gallery of Ontario — in the big TO.

T O R O N T O.

We went to see the Jean-Michel Basquiat exhibit — Now’s the Time. I was completely overwhelmed.

I’ve often thought that if I lived downtown I could easily stave off any sense of winter blues by merely making a weekly visit to the AGO to absorb color and texture into my soul. I’d wander from room to room and sit in front of paintings big and bold, small and subtle and big and subtle, small and bold. That about covers it. I also have a freakish love of sculpture. They’ve got that covered, too.

After spending an hour with Basquiat, we wandered over to the Silke Otto-Knapp exhibit — Land lies in water. This is an exhibit in a color palette of black, grey, and silver, with one exception. We were the only ones in the room, and it blew me away. Honestly, I was expecting to be depressed by a black, silver, and grey palette, but I was charmed and delighted instead. I think I’ll go back again. If you are in the GTA, take an opportunity to visit the AGO. Basquiat runs through May 10, 2015 and Silke Otto-Knapp through July 19, 2015.

These images were taken in the Land lies in water exhibit.

IMG_9797_at_the_ago_elengrey_march_2015 (1280x978)

You know the drill. Click it bigger.

On the far wall there were two windows, and I could see that it had begun to snow.

I was struck by the perfect piece of accidental art the window made.

IMG_9799_at_the_ago_2_elengrey_march_2015  (1280x1275)

The black & white is my nod to the Silke Otto-Knapp exhibit.

IMG_9800_at_the_ago_3_elengrey_march_2015 (795x1280)

And the close shot.

Here be Friday. Glory in it.

You know what to do. Meet you in the bar in 3…2…1…


Hump Day: A Feast For The Eyes… +

On this, the last Hump Day of March 2015, it’s raining in my neck of Canadaland. Fact.

When I’m not putting words on the page today, I’m jumping up to boogie to Uptown Funk ft. Bruno Mars or Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off. Video links alert!

Let’s just say that I have the dance style of the latter. True confession.

I Found It | It Found Me ~

For Gardeners ~ This post today by Karen @ The Art of Doing Stuff. 5 Trendy Vegetables to grow this year. My fave was the kalette, a kale/Brussels sprouts mashup.

Fave Instagram Foodie right now ~ dennistheprescott I want to eat E V E R Y T H I N G . Including those monster burgers that will not fit in a human mouth. Oh, Canada!

Don’t read that, Fitbit. Just look away.

A feast for the eyes.

IMG_9772_cropped_spring_elengrey_march_2015 (748x1280)

Experimenting with some close-cropping.

IMG_9773_cropped_spring_2_elengrey_march_2015 (1280x910)

And… a little black & white.

Let’s just feast on this, this last Hump Day of March.


Close Shot Friday 090… Gerberaland + The V-Equinox

IMG_9739_gerbera_close_shot_elengrey_march_2015 (1148x1280)

Go ahead. Click it bigger. I’ll wait.

We visited Gerberaland yesterday, aka as the nursery, the garden center… the House of Spring.

We might’ve visited more than one — mebbe — for I was on a quest to find color.

Do not step between a female and her quest.

Moving right along.

The Gerbera daisy is one of my favorite flowers. I love it for its cheerfulness and bold color. Put a field of flowers in buckets at a farm or city market, and I will always, always find the Gerbera daisy.

Spill. What’s your favorite flower?

Among a gazillion other shots, I got this close shot.

The front door has been washed. The mailbox, too. All remnants of the winter greens have been removed.

And I don’t care how much snow is on the ground — It will never be as much as blankets PEI! — the spring wreath is going on the door today.

Vernal Equinox, baby!


You know what to do. Meet you in the bar in 3…2…1…


Note: This post was updated with a title change. It got titled “Single Shot Friday” instead of “Close Shot Friday.” Spring brain. Hee.

Hump Day: Let’s Just Celebrate Right Over It…

The sun is shining, and as Jack Black said in The Holiday, “…we are going to go celebrate being young and being alive.”

Okay… youngish.

Definitely alive.

For St. Paddy’s Day, I wore green leprechaun smiley face earrings, had my version of a super tidy: eyebrows threaded and tinted — not green though — and the hair cut into a WOB. The G-Pup gets a super tidy, too. It costs about the same.

Why fight destiny? It’s the natural state of my curly hair. For those of you who don’t know, a WOB is a wavy Bob. And this turned out to be fortuitous, because my hair was lifted straight up by the wind when I left the stylist. More than once. With a WOB, that doesn’t matter so much. A WOB is slightly more civilized than bed head on steroids. Just sayin’.

The Bob is timeless. Classic.

Everything old is new again.

Watching Friends on Netflix, I saw the hairstyles of all the characters change through the ten seasons. Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) whacked her hair into a Bob and later wore the WOB. I love it on January Jones — so versatile — and Sienna Miller. Just Google.

We saw The Imitation Game last week. We were the only two people in the theater, which was kinda freaky. If I hadn’t been so riveted to the silver screen, I would have tried out every seat. I didn’t feel compelled to turn off my smartphone. It was a verra fine film. A verra fine film, indeed. Go see it.

By contrast, we went to see Cinderella yesterday. The first theater we hit was sold out. March Break. The second theater wasn’t. We settled in with the masses and watched the story of Cinderella unfold. I loved all the performances right down to the the mice, lizards, and goose, but Cate Blanchett and Helena Bonham Carter were the stand out performances for me. It was magic. Go see it.

Cinderella put me in mind of this Beatles song.

Elen brain.

Sing it, Kit.

I mean, Paul.

Here be Hump Day.

Let’s just celebrate right over it.


Hump Day: Should’ve Brought The Snowshoes…

IMG_9715_canada_geese_elengrey_march_2015 (1280x798)

Click these bad boys bigger.

These Canada Geese heard Mother Goose was having a reading at the library today.

Navigating the snow with the crunchy top layer was challenging.

But Mother Goose would be so worth it.

So. Worth. It.

IMG_9716_canada_geese_2_elengrey_march_2015 (1280x742)

Dang. These webbed feet aren’t any help at all. Should’ve brought the snowshoes.

I know just how they feel.

Let’s just crunch right over Hump Day and spend some quality time with Mother Goose.

Or, if you’re not of the clan Geese, Mother Goose will set you up with the reference desk.

They know where all the good stuff is.