Single Shot Monday: That Color Though…

In the Pink!

These pink fairy roses were planted in 2011, which makes them nine years old. They are the only roses planted on this property that have survived, at least planted by me. If the original owner planted roses, they weren’t here on move-in day.

They’re givers.

And beautiful in every season.


We were celebrating a birthday this weekend, so I decided to make these chicken enchiladas from Gimme Some Oven. Made the homemade enchilada sauce, too. I did substitute rotisserie chicken to save time (and because I like my chicken shredded) and used a combination of Monterey Jack and Pepper Jack cheeses. So, yeah. All the toppings. We’ll be doing this again. But not soon. No, no, no. Not too soon.

It’s a keeper.

I’ve been belting out the refrain from Let’s Go Fly A Kite all morning.

Seemed appropriate.

And Monday is in the house.

Send it soaring.


Note: This image was first used on this blog in November of 2014.

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