Single Shot Monday: If It Looks Like Summer…

And it feels like summer…

The hottest of sweltering hot summers…

In Canadaland…



It’s autumn!

That beauty right up there had to have its backside, aka fence side, severely trimmed for the fencers. Sobs! It’s lucky. Everything else got a severe trim. And by trim I mean buzz cut. My mantra is — It’ll grow back. It’ll grow back. It’ll grow back.

We’re waiting until the last possible moment for the pulling of the tomato plants, which are thriving in this autumnal heat. Two more days max.

The upside to the heatwave, I got to fan myself on the couch and watch Wonder Woman, which I —  l-o-v-e — loved.

Anybody else see it?

And Monday is in the house.

Grab it and go!


Single Shot Monday: Hold On…

I’m Comin’!

Sam & Dave will be on the brain now. All. Day.

Finally, the yellow pear tomatoes are making their presence known. I’m picking a lot of organic Jasper Hybrids and Siderno Hybrids now, but the heirloom yellow pears have been slow to form.

All the tomatoes in my garden this year are what I call pluck & eat. They are of the cherry variety. The Siderno are golf-ball sized. The Jasper are marble-sized.

They’re all tasty.

Tasty as can be.

You are on my mind, Texas.

You are on my mind, British Columbia.

Respect and gratitude to all first responders, volunteers, all who put themselves out there hour after hour, day after day, week after week in the aid of others. It is dangerous and selfless work. Godspeed!

And Monday is in the house.