Breakfast of champs…

The green and leafy that I snipped yesterday…

…went into my blender smoothie this morning.

It’s a beaut. Plain, nonfat yogurt, orange juice, blueberries, banana, and fresh spinach. I usually put 1% milk in my breakfast smoothie, but the summer cold needs all the Vit C it can get.

Threw in some ground flax seed. Just because. Don’t let the color of my kitchen wall blind you. I usually don’t look at it before my first decaffeine hit.

Brown goop. A good wallop of Vit A, Vit C and potassium.

Kind of looks like a chocolate shake or Ensure. Take your pick.

Breakfast of champs. I can actually taste the spinach.

Ornery Sven, you know you want some. Eat your heart out.

Today, I’m waiting for the landscaper crew to arrive and #amwriting.