It was the spelt…for sure!

PoolI love birthday celebrations. In our family, it’s your special day, and we celebrate with abandon. Some of us like to have our fave dinner created at home; others opt for a lunch or dinner out. Yesterday, was a lunch out — celebrator’s choice.

In or out. It matters not, just as long as it involves birthday cake. For me, there isn’t anything better than birthday cake, with wedding cake as the first runner-up.

Now, I’m no birthday cake purist. It can come in many forms. Sometimes it can come disguised as a warm brownie topped with vanilla bean ice cream and a drizzle of fudge sauce. Oh yeah. That definitely does it for me. It can be themed, like the crater cake I made one year. Some birthday dude wanted a space theme, which he got — complete with a yard-long submarine sandwich shaped like a rocket ship. Yep. Elen went where no one had gone before.

I digress. We’re in a pub that’s gone green, is into down-sizing its carbon footprint, and is waving the sustainability banner. This is one of my fave spots and a whole other blog. We’ll get to that.

I’ve eaten a pretty healthy lunch of a curried pumpkin soup and a chicken and apple wrap with some bitter, green weeds in it that I can’t identify. It was pretty darn great, and I’m feeling comfortable. But, it’s birthday cake day, and I’m not leaving without some.

Dessert menus are delivered and I settle on the organic spelt carrot cake with tofu cream cheese frosting. Sounds yummy, doesn’t it? Right. Okay, the word tofu sends off a little foodie warning bell. And, does anyone actually know what spelt is? Until yesterday, I thought it was some kind of seaweed. The fact that I ordered the cake anyway is a little disturbing. Elen shows her adventurous side!

It came in a thick wedge on a long rectangular plate. A fat, juicy strawberry was lazing at one end. The cake was stuffed with chunks of walnut and covered in fresh, shaved coconut. Well, I’m a lover of carrot cake, and ordered it prepared not to like it. C’mon. We’re talking tofu and spelt here! Wrong. So wrong. It was the best carrot cake that’s ever passed these cake-lovin’ lips.

It turns out that spelt is an ancient grain some 7 to 9,000 years old and packin’ some pretty impressive nutritious goodies. Who knew! It’s also used in livestock feed. Again. Who knew! Google has 5,810,000 references to spelt. Go forth and Google.

Having indulged, I’m left today with a wee bit of a birthday cake hangover. I blame it on that super-sized slice of spelt. Yeah. Just me and the livestock!

That’s my Rest & Rec Friday. Y’all have a happy weekend.