The vacationista has finally gone back to work. I don’t know whether to mourn or jump up and do a little boogie. I could probably use the boogie. It was yum having Mr. G, honey around for a couple of weeks, but verra, verra distracting. I finally threw-in the towel and just shut everything down for the last five days. I have bunches to say, but it will have to wait.

Chimney Sweep’s comin’. Okay. This is my fave household service. It’s such a time-honored, old fashioned profession. Maybe not the oldest profession in the world, but it’s probably been around as long as there have been chimneys. Grin. My chimeny sweep is called Magic Touch. Perfect. They’ve been cleaning out my fireplace for ages. I feel like I ought to run downstairs and bake those awesome brownies the snow-hotties got this year. Can’t. The waistline is slimming. It’s brownie non grata around here for the next while. Like — forever.

I didn’t do a scrap of writing the last five days. I have a lot of catching up to do. I do feel refreshed. Gotta go. Chimney Sweep’s comin’.