Close Shot Friday 072

IMG_7980_lol_corn_september_2014 (1280x955)

Hover and click.

When you are surrounded by corn, best to embrace it.

I embrace the corn.

On every walk in the Land of Lincoln, I could hear rustling in the corn.

It might have been the breeze.

Then again, it might not.

Early in the morning, before decaffeine, it felt like being corn-stalked.

Rustling of the Corn.

LOL Sister said it was most likely deer.

That’s because she would like me to come back next year.

I’m thinking Tim Burton corn.

Maybe even Stephen King corn.

And I’m more like candy corn.

Just sayin’.

Really. I’m just kidding.


It was a thing of beauty, all that corn.

Here be Friday of the long Thanksgiving weekend in Canadaland. I can hardly wrap my two morning brain cells around that. We’re breaking with tradition and foregoing the turkey extravaganza. We’re going to chillax. We’re going to take the Super Techlet and the G-Pup to commune with nature. A fresh apple fritter might be involved. A Starbucks, too. Hello, City Girl!



Pick some apples.

Visit the corn.

TGIF, baby.

You know what to do. Meet you in the bar in 3…2…1…


Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian mates!