Where was I?…

First, where are my croissants this morning? Where are my Eggs Benedict as interpreted by Nigel? Where is my café au lait?

Oatmeal says, Welcome Home!

…more frontscape saga.

Oh, yes. Getting to the good stuff.

When we started this project, we wanted: 1) no grass 2) perennials that withstood heat and infrequent watering 3) a patio only large enough to rent space to a giant flower pot and a rocker 4) big rock 5) river rock 6) pea gravel 7) mulch 7a) flagstone

Note: I had to put a “7a” in there, because WordPress kept changing the “8” with the “)” to a smiley face. Oh, yes. It did. Verra nice, WordPress.

I think we’re getting  what we wanted.

Miscellaneous rock migrating from back garden to frontscape.

10 pieces of flagstone to be placed somewhere out there in the frontscape.

Big, red pot for seasonal flowers. We filled it with candy stripe geraniums and pink trailing geraniums for the summer. They are still going strong.

Another view at first planting.

Here she is today. Yes. This very day. In. October. Grow, baby, grow!

No Finds on the Feed today. I didn’t read any feed while I was away.

It happens.

TGIF, baby!