Went walkabout…

It was pretty exciting in my neck of the planet yesterday. A young black bear from up north went walkabout. I figure, for a black bear, he was the right age for such a journey. He was somewhere around three or four and weighed-in at about 200 lbs.

I was playing Miss Gracie in the backyard when a badass helicopter started circling the neighborhood and sirens started screaming. But, who pays attention to that anymore? I figured they were in pursuit of a two-legged critter of the human persuasion. Wrong. Well, isn’t ignorance just bliss?

Walkabout Bear was roaming through the neighborhood for a good twenty-four-plus hours. While I was blithely playing away in the yard, two nearby schools kept the kids in at recess and refused to let any of them walk home after school. Everyone had to have a pick-up. Teachers rock!

WB was finally sited near a plaza, which just happens to have a Tim Horton’s, and got a dart of tranquilizer for his trouble. It wasn’t a total wash-out for him. When he woke-up, he discovered that he’d won a first class, one-way free trip tick back home.

Here’s what I think. I think he strolled into town looking for a Timmie’s — most likely for a large double double — and a hoodie. It was damn cold yesterday.


p.s. This is not Walkabout Bear. This is his northern best friend forever.