Have you noticed…

… how these lazy days of summer just drift by? Do you know where they’re going… have gone?

I don’t.

One day it’s Friday. The next days it’s Thursday. I must be daydreaming out the window more. I don’t feel rushed, panicked, in the freeze-dried-brain zone.

Go figure.

A lot of my writerly friends are at RWA, aka Romance Writers of America National Conference in Washington, D.C., this week. I’m not. Those of us experiencing a little #rwaenvy are following and tweeting that hashtag on Twitter. Between the tweets and twitpics on #RWA09, it’s almost like being there. Almost. I can feel the kinetic energy all the way to Canadaland. Best wishes and good luck to all 2009 RITA and Golden Heart finalists.

Keep tweeting and twitpic-ing.

I think I’ll go downstairs and make a glass of fresh-squeezed lemonade and listen to the fat bumblebees droning in the hydrangea.

Here’s some daydreaming fun.


I’m a Daydream Believer, Davy Jones