Fridaaaaay!… + Six Things

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Autumn, I just can’t get over you!

Thursday, I tweeted:

Everyone is out on my street like it’s summer. It kinda is. I kinda like it. Raking leaves in flip-flops.

Seriously. The neighbors — aka neighbours — were out bagging leaves in cropped pants and flip-flops, while kidlets ran trucks and diggers along the sidewalk. G-Man — the neighborhood anomaly — was putting up Christmas lights. He has an aversion to stringing lights when he can see his breath but can’t feel his fingers. The cropped-pant, flip-flopped, leaf-bagging neighbors were staring. Staring.

Wednesday, I was glued to CBC watching Justin P J Trudeau become our 23rd Prime Minister of Canada. Forget writing. Forget blogging, forget research, I was in my grey yoga pants, twirly-skirt nightgown, and navy hoodie munching REALFRUIT Gummies and watching history unfold. I was stylin’. Having toured Rideau Hall — the official residence of the Governor General of Canada —  and its grounds myself, it was fun to watch events taking place in rooms that I had walked through. Keepin’ it real.

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Killing me softly…

Six things I never told you… I hope.

~ I don’t do horror of any kind. Don’t watch it. Don’t read it. Don’t listen to it. That being said…

~ I have a thing for disaster movies, as in natural disasters, aka weather movies. The Day After Tomorrow (2004), Into the Storm (2014), 2012 (2009), Twister (1996). You get the picture. Last night I was snuggled up with G-Man and San Andreas (2015). All I know is I want Dwayne Johnson — The Rock — on my team if an epic tornami-avicane ever rolls through my neck of Canadaland. #TeamDwayne Just sayin’.

~ I like a Dijon-mayo blend for my hand-cut fries. Emphasis on the Dijon. In fact, I’m having a relationship with Dijon at the moment that borders on disturbing.

~ I find the biggest piles of leaves to crunch through and the biggest puddles to splash through when G-Pup takes me for a walk. I live for those FitBit moments.

~ Sometimes I eat lunch or dinner for breakfast. Soup. Sandwich. Pasta bowl. Baby gherkins.

~ Sometimes when I hear a gentle rain in the middle of the night, I will get up and rest my arms on the windowsill just so I can hear it better. Smell it. Dreamy.


Your turn.

Here be Friday. Talk to me.

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Ornamental cabbage has an ornament!

You know what to do. Meet you in the bar in 3…2…1…