Socks, and other stuff…

Socks. We’re wearing them.

It’s starting to be my favorite time of year. No AC. No furnace. Take that, utility gods! I had to yank out a sweatshirt when I crawled out of bed this morning and rummage around in the sock bins for something bright and cheerful to go with my morning demeanor. See Elen laughing. No one would call me Little Miss Sunshine or Morning Glory. If Mr. G, honey were reading this, his shoulders would be shaking.

I try. I really try. But, I’m more startled by the day than anything else.

The writing hub is now squeaky with cleanliness. Well, for me. My hair, standing in all directions of the compass, didn’t negatively impact on the creative brain yesterday. It was a good day.

I was home alone last night, so I threw 27 Dresses in the DVD player. Now, I’m crushing a bit on James Marsden, aka Cyclops. Gotta love X-Men. I can’t get Bennie and the Jets out of my mind either.

Happy Hump Day.