Peas and Thank You…


The Letter P


It could be no other than…


Insta-peas 1

I grew peas.

Insta-peas 2

In a big box container, aka the garden Crypt.

Insta-peas 3

They grew. And they grew. And they grew.

Insta-peas 4

Then, I ate ’em.

The end.

An Insta story in four clicks.

Happy Saturday, y’all.


Note: You’ll find these, and other gardening pics, on my Instagram.

Oh. It’s O…



It’s O.

Oh, dear.

If only it was anything but O.

Only one thing to be done.

O. M. G. !

Oh. My. God. !

Friends was one of my fave television sitcoms. 10 years!

I’ve just finished a marathon of it on Netflix. But you didn’t hear that here. Get me?

Janice Litman Goralnik, played by Maggie Wheeler, is one of the most beloved and memorable characters from the show. From any television sitcom. A minor character with a major impact.

Thank you, Maggie, for giving us Janice. Here is a great piece of video of Maggie Wheeler talking about Janice.

I can’t imagine anyone else doing that part.

Yesterday, while out walking the G-Pup with the G-Man, I said, I know exactly what I’m doing for O. Exactly.

G-Man said, Oh?

That was just too easy.

Our dog-walking conversations are all about letters of the alphabet now.

I might even be belting out the ABC Song as I type.


Moving along…

Yesterday, while out walking the G-Pup with the G-Man, I did my own Maggie Wheeler Janice Litman Goralnik O.M.G!

And a neighbor dropped his trash bag at the curb and galloped back into his house.

And the garbage collector ran the front wheel of his truck up on the boulevard and bounced back onto the road before speeding away leaving little bits of compost in his wake.

I got that Brooklynese just right, Janice.

Just right.

TGIF, baby!

You know what to do. Meet you in the bar in 3…2…1…


Throwback to the Letter N…


The Letter N. Brought to you by ~

Number, Neutrogena, and Northern Girls

The Letter N — where everything old is new again, but nobody knows your name.

Here we are at Throwback Thursday. Again. #tbt

Northern Girls

There is a category on this blog called Northern Girls. I could have used named, but I used called instead. I called it.

Look up. You can see it just below the header, right under the letter N in Elen. Did that not work well for this post, or what? It’s where I talk about all things Northern Girl. Mostly about winter and tread. Winter and toques. Winter and snow-hotties. Winter and flannel… and BBQ Season.

For Throwback Thursday, here is a repost of one of the earliest NG posts.



Found in the glossary of the Northern Girl’s Handbook

Springtime (n) — 1. a fleeting moment between Winter and BBQ Season (archaic) — 2. winter melt — 3. another tread opportunity for Northern Girls





[end repost]

Those are not mine. Everybody knows I don’t do pink.

Okay. Hardly ever.

As close to never as you can get.

Number + Neutrogena

Another Throwback Thursday moment in video. Language Alert!

This is one of my favorite laugh out loud moments in video.

Can I have your number?


Utter nonsense.


Hump Day… + M of A to Z Challenge



n (1662 ) : a painting, drawing, or photograph in a single hue.

adj (1849) 1 : of, relating to, or made with a single color or hue. 2 : involving or producing visual images in a single color or in varying tones of a single color (as gray) ~ Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, 10th ed.

IMG_8936_transluscent_autumn_elengrey_november_2014 (956x1280)

Full blown color, baby.

IMG_8936_transluscent_autumn_elengrey_november_2014 (956x1280) (2)

Monochrome — black & white

IMG_8936_transluscent_autumn_elengrey_november_2014 (956x1280) (3)

Monochrome — blue filter

IMG_8245_benched_october_2014 (1280x956)

Full blown color, baby.

IMG_8245_benched_october_2014 (1280x956) (2)

Monochrome — black & white.

This is just a quick & dirty understanding of monochrome.

If you want to see outstanding examples of monochrome and gain a better understanding, you absolutely must visit Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY. She hosts a weekly Monochrome Madness post on Wednesdays. I’ve been following her for a while now. You’ll find the latest Monochrome Madness here. I can’t even!

What are you waiting for? Click on over.

And now we are halfway through A to Z Challenge.

Exits left. Collapses.

Here be Hump Day.

Let’s just monochrome all over it.


L is for… ?



L L L L L L L L L…

I was sure when I got to the Letter L that I didn’t want to use  L O V E .

Not even  L U R V E .

Nor  L U V .

So I did what I usually do when I haven’t been able to decide what I want to do for any particular letter during the A to Z Challenge.

I made a  L I S T .

It went like this. Yes. This is my process sometimes.


On the paper list ~

lapsed – Lilliputian – love songs – Love Potion No. 9 – Lynyrd Skynyrd – Led Zeppelin

I discounted those last two by the way, not wanting to be tripped up on spelling every other minute.

On the smartphone list ~

lilacs – lavender – languish – Led Zeppelin – loser

Led Zeppelin? Back to him, again?

I discounted that last one by the way, not wanting to feel like a loser because I couldn’t come up with a little L-word for this post. And because it was just negative. We don’t need no stinkin’ negativity. Isn’t that like a double negative or something?

Elen does grammar.

You might not want to linger on those lists too long. They are lacking, sorely lacking in any writerly creativity at all.


Okay. So I thought I’d give you a list of things that I love.

Yup. The L-word.

1. I love a lazy afternoon in summer, when you can hear the heat and smell the breeze.

2. I love a good spring rain. Not the kind of rain that leaves your roof in your neighbor’s yard and the cat clinging to the toilet bowl embedded in the hood of your car. But the kind of gentle rain that makes you want to puddle-splash like a kid in a pair of shiny new rain boots.

3. Mrs. Landingham from The West Wing (1999-2006). Would you like a cookie?

4. Lilacs and lavender.

IMG_0657_lilac_elengrey_may_2010 (1280x960)

These are my very own lilac blooms. This was supposed to be a dwarf lilac.

May I just say…. LOL + LMAO + ROTFLMAO

5. I love lunch. It’s my favorite meal of the day. And if it’s a perfectly cooked burger with blue cheese and bacon, I love it more.

6. Finally, I love Norah Jones. My love for her does not languish in the month of April. I wrote this post about her exactly one year ago today. Norah’s been on my mind. Sing it, Norah. Play it, J. Walter Hawkes.

I leave you with this ~

This post needed a love song after all.

Just an old-fashioned love song.

Here be Tuesday and the 12th letter of A to Z.

Will I last?


Single Shot Monday… + The Letter K



All you comic book lovers out there recognize Kapow! in comic speak.

A fine example of onomatopoeia.

It’s Monday.


backlit_croci_elengrey_april_2015 (1127x1280)


Hawaiian for amazing.

I caught the sunlight on the croci from behind.

High Noon at the O.K. Corral Burbville.

IMG_9976_frontlit_croci_elengrey_april_2015 (1041x1280)

And I caught the sunlight on the croci from the front.

High Noon at the O.K. Corral Burbville.


Yes, you got a twofer for Single Shot Monday.

And Monday rumbles in on the Letter K.

Git. To. Work.