Single Shot Monday: AGO…

IMG_7034_2_ago_signage_elengrey_july_2014 (1024x765)

A nod to my love of signage.

Last week, I was down at the Art Gallery of Ontario — AGO — to see the Francis Bacon/Henry Moore exhibit: Terror and Beauty. And, yes, it was both terrifying and beautiful.

The AGO underwent a transformation — Transformation AGO — which was completed in 2008. I don’t know about you, Torontonians, but I particularly love that curvy north elevation. Thank you, Frank Gehry.

This bit of signage is popping.


Go on. Go see for yourself.

And Monday drifts in on blue skies and summer clouds.


Close Shot Friday 060

IMG_7018_chadwicks_cherry_elengrey_july_2014 (1024x765)

Fruits of the vine.

As I’ve hinted at strongly over the last weeks, I’m experimenting with a lot of container gardening this summer, which I’ve hashtagged #containerfarming #fromseed #burbville. Mostly, you’ll find that on my Instagram, as I haven’t had the time to put up the kind of post I want about it here. Yet.

This is the Chadwick’s Cherry Tomato. It’s from seed. Seed which I got from Edible Antiques. However, after it grew big enough, I planted it right in the ground. This is a high volume, disease tolerant, mold resistant, hardy plant. It sometimes goes by the name of Camp Joy.

So far so good. As you can see, it’s just beginning to show its fruit.

At the moment it stands 53 inches tall (135 cm). It started and remains in a classic tomato hoop, but it is also being supported by a 6-foot stake, and I’m thinking it’s going to need more.

I’m growing four varieties of tomatoes from Edible Antiques. The other three are: Cherokee Purple, Constoluto Fiorentino, and Dr. Carolyn.

Time will tell. Fingers crossed.

You can find Edible Antiques on Pinterest here, and on Twitter here.

And that’s how we’re rolling this Friday.

TGIF. You know what to do. Meet you in the bar in 3…2…1…


Single Shot Monday: Sunday in the District…

IMG_6971_sunday_in_the_district_elengrey_july_2014 (1024x916)

I’m not sure whether to call this a lane or an alley. We stopped by the Distillery District after church Sunday before last. I wanted to check out Sunday in the District.

I wanted a sandwich.

I wanted a sandwich from the Brick Street Bakery.

And a cookie.

Yeah. A chocolate chip cookie in the Toll House® tradition. Only bigger.

We got monster sandwiches on organic bread, cookies, and a bottle of S. Pellegrino, and took our picnic booty out in the cobbled square. There’s nothing like sharing your table and summer view with a sparrow in the District on a Sunday.

We did some walking about in the lanes that call the Distillery District their home before zipping back to Burbville.

Vroom, vroom.

And Monday skitters in cool and perfect for scrubbing floors.


Single Shot Monday: Framed…

IMG_4641_looking_through_elengrey_july_2014 (1024x768)

Click it. Bigger.

There is a not so wee park that I frequent to commune with the roses, when the roses are doing their thang.

In this garden, there is a piece of a building that I will never ever be able to stop taking shots of.

This is one view.

I’m standing inside, and I use the word inside lightly.

Rosetta McClain Gardens. Toronto.

You also get a great view of Lake Ontario atop the Scarborough Bluffs.

And Monday blows in like a fury. Crack. Bang. Boom. Kapow.

Lashings of rain.

I live for sound effects.


Close Shot Friday 058

IMG_6944_gooderham_worts_elengrey_july_2014 (1024x817)

One evening this week, we were down at the Toronto Distillery Historic District to see Twelve Angry Men (a Soulpepper production) at the Young Centre for the Performing Arts. If you haven’t seen it and you’re in the GTA, go. Go now. You still have time.

We decided to share the evening with a friend. Dinner and live theatre on a summer evening. What’s not to love? To a man/woman, we all ordered steak-frites for dinner. There might have been some Ontario asparagus. But, you know, steak-frites. I think it goes nicely with Twelve Angry Men.



Moving right along.

At the end of the evening, sated on beef and live theatre, I got this shot.

This is one of my fave buildings in one of my fave Toronto spots.

I’m claiming it for Close Shot Friday, even though it’s a night shot.

I don’t do night shots. Lack of confidence and all that.

Nevertheless, I loved how the colour of the doors and the lighting on the building shaped the shot.

A good Friday to you all, and a Happy 4th of July to my American cousins.


P.S. This post has been brought to you by Canadian spelling, which is brought to you by the Brits.