Close Shot Friday 084… Winter Wormhole +

IMG_9461_winter_worm_hole_elengrey_january_2015 (956x1280)

I call it Winter Wormhole.

It mysteriously appeared yesterday.

Well, not so mysteriously.

Shovel, shovel.

Pant, pant.

Zooming out…

IMG_9463_snow_cake_elengrey_january_2015 (1280x956)

Snow cake.

Who want’s the first slice?

In other news ~

We’ve got a hacker in our midst.

Not a white hacker.

Not a black hacker.

Not even a IKEA hacker.

We have a man hacker.

A man with a man cold.

He might have even tipped over into the realm of man flu.

Northern Man Flu.

It’s not pretty.

I live in the kitchen, hovering over a stockpot. Chop. Stir. And repeat.

I may or may not be wearing a garlic lei.


You know what to do. Meet you in the bar in 3…2…1…


Hump Day Sans Title…

IMG_4543_driftwood_hippo_elengrey_may_2014 (1280x960)

Click that baby bigger.

Walking along the shores of Lake Ontario last May? June?, I spied this piece of driftwood drifting along.

More accurately, beached.

Stuck in the shallows.


I could just see the hippopotamus within.


You know you can, too.

I see an eye.

I see a nostril.

I see that truncated snout.

Okay. Maybe it’s just me.

Me and my magic mirror.

Just like Romper Room. Video link alert!

Romper, bomper, stomper, boo!

Let’s just drift right through Hump Day.


Single Shot Monday: Pop…

IMG_4554_bar_harbor_colour_elengrey_september_2013 (1280x956)

Meanwhile, back in Bar Harbor, Maine.

This is just the pop of color I need this morning to get my Monday engine revving.

Vroom. Vroom.

It’s not that we’re having a horrible, very bad, winter in my neck of Canadaland.

We are not.

Right now, out my window, all I can see is crumpled, brown leaves and frozen, dormant grass, and a patch of snow here, a patch of snow there. Here a patch. There a patch…

It’s just dull.


And bitterly cold most of the time.

And then the temps ratchet up to barely balmy.

And then plummet.




I. Need. A. Pop. Of. Color.

This’ll do.

Ha. I just ended this post on a clitic.

And Monday is in the house.


Close Shot Friday 083… Perpetual Droop +

IMG_8676_gradient_colour_elengrey_october_2014 (956x1280)

The leaves and petals feel like they’re seeking the dark.

Trying to get a break from the sun.

Of course, most hydrangea look like they’re in a state of perpetual droop anyway.

I like that about hydrangea.

I Found It | It Found Me ~

Read This Week ~ #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso. @lynneknowlton over at Design the Life You Want to Live drop-kicked this from her tree house onto my radar. Thanks, Lynne. It was a supercalifragi read. Lynne is one of those bloggers. You know the ones. You start reading their blog, and you just can’t stop. Go ahead. Try. Double-dog dare ya.

Best Instagram Ever ~ omgliterallydead It makes me belly laugh. I cannot look away. The occasional nanosecond, I wonder what that says about me.

Gotta read you can’t stop thinking about? An Instagram you can’t look away from?

I wanna know about it.

Leave it in the comments. Easy peasy.


You know what to do. Meet you in the bar in 3…2…1…


Made Me Laugh…

IMG_9396_not_in_service_elengrey_january_2015 (1251x1280)

You never know what you’ll find on your daily walk.

Where was this fire hydrant at Halloween?

And shouldn’t it be called a water hydrant?

Then we could say water water pipe.

I sound like a clacker today. Not because of my shoes, but because of my glam bracelet hitting the laptop with every single stroke of the keys.

Yep. All glammed up for work today.

Not every day can be about yoga pants and fluffy socks.

Earrings. Hot boots. Clacker bracelet.

That’s what today is all about.

Hump Day. Go Away. Come Again. Another Day.


Not In Service.

This be a blog quickie.


Single Shot Monday: Sucked Into Middle Earth…

your week on emoticonsTuesday looks confused.

Tuesday is wondering what happened to tight-lipped Monday.

Like maybe she got sucked into Middle Earth, where the Orcs and the Uruk-hai play.

Or just discovered the empty box of S’mores Pop-Tarts.

Thursday’s playing it close to the vest. He knows what happened to Monday. He’s just not saying.

Wednesday just doesn’t give a damn. If it’s not about Wednesday, who cares?

Friday’s all let’s just chill. No call to get worked up about Monday.

Saturday & Sunday? Well, they’re just in a perpetual state of Margaritaville.

Moving right along.

IMG_8821_aaaaah_foliage_elengrey_october_2014 (1280x944)

Go ahead. Click it bigger. You know you want to.

We ain’t got no stinkin’ winter.

But we had a great autumn.

Aaahh. Foliage.

Tight-lipped Monday? We’re just kickin’ her hiney to the curb.