For me…

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Garden time.

Road trip time.

Aka, roadmance time.

Things are beginning to pop here. It’s amazing what fifty bazillion gallons of water can do.

Plants look four inches taller in the evening than they did in the morning. I swears!

A little peek at what’s going on.

The campanula are blooming. One day there are three blossoms, the next there are three hundred.

They’re good that way.

IMG_0565_campanula_elengrey_june_2015 (956x1280)

Latin for ‘little bell’. Aka, bellflower.

I planted these seeds in May.

IMG_0584_seed_packet_elengrey_june_2015 (1280x1280)

This is a container plant. The zucchini grow about 5 inches in length. Perfect. They made me think of the baby cukes that have taken over the cukedom. I call them nickel cucumbers.

Here’s the first blossom.

IMG_0567_zucchini_blossom_elengrey_june_2015 (1280x1280)

Be still my little zucchini-lovin’ heart.

I’m hoping they’re not containering all over the back garden before I get back.

I finally get to use this:

IMG_0576_journal_elengrey_june_2015 (1280x1280)

A little travel journal from Print Stitch & Paste. Perfect for a little road trip.

IMG_0581_inside_journal_elengrey_june_2015 (1280x1280)

I can’t even.

And then just lovely little white lined pages of Day/Place to scribble in the good times.



IMG_0585_pear_elengrey_june_2015 (1280x1280)

I saved the last pear for you.


I won’t be in the house next week.

I thought about scheduling posts in advance.

Then I thought about getting the housesitter/dogsitter to write my posts. He’s very talented. But he’s already mowing the lawn, too.

And chasing after the pigmunk.

And he’s doing that for liquor and the remote.

Just kidding.


Then I just thought…

You know what?

Gone Writing Back Later

Make that fishing.

Wait! Make that road tripping roadmancing.

You can find me on Instagram.


You know what to do. Meet you in the bar in 3…2…1…



Monday is dead to me.

Okay. Not every Monday.

Just this past Monday.


The Monday when the undead chipmunk nibbled on all the ripe and ready strawberries in the garden crypt, and a few that weren’t, too.

IMG_0540_pigmunk_horror_elengrey_june_2015 (1280x1280)

The evidence.

And it’s not like I’m not willing to share.

You know.

All creatures great and small…

But the undead chipmunk left me nothing for my breakfast cereal.


The Kashi Go Lean said, Whaaaat? Blueberries again? Bananas again? Put a strawberry on it!


Then it went all limp and soggy.

He’s a real pigmunk.

I’d click a pic of the pigmunk, but he’s stealthy.

And he has a cloaking device.

A good likeness of the perp, the most wanted undead chipmunk.

Alias, Pigmunk.

And that’s my sorry Tuesday tale.


Note: The chipmunk image is a licensed, royalty-free image from

Close Shot Friday 100… Autumn Camo

IMG_3100_camo_gatineau_park_elengrey_october_2011 (1280x960)

Autumn Camo

For the last Close Shot Friday, I reached back into September of 2011 and gave a mighty yank.

This shot was taken at Gatineau Park in Quebec.

If you’ve never been, go. Go. GO!

Clickity, click. Biggity bigger.

Thus endeth 100 Friday close shots.

That’s all folks!

Cracks knuckles.

Exits left.


I kept it short and sweet because aren’t we all just sprinting toward the weekend?

Sprint you Friday worker bees, sprint!

You know what to do. Meet you in the bar in 3…2…1…


The Shank of Hump Day…

If we can have the shank of the evening — As in, You can’t leave now. Why, it’s just the shank of the evening! In other words, the fun is just beginning. — I’ve decided we can have the shank of Hump Day, and I’ve declared this is it.

A post in the shank of Hump Day, that’s what this is.

You can’t leave now. Why, it’s the just the shank of Hump Day!

Moving right along.

There should be a designated lane for those traveling to and from the garden centers/nurseries this time of year. A designated lane, I say.


Because I’m trying to fill every little pot, every little nook and cranny, every little everything with a pop of color and texture. A feast for the eyes and for me… the soul.

IMG_0450_sanvitalia_super_gold_elengrey_june_2015 (956x1280)

Sunvy, Super Gold, Sanvitalia

This little pot got put together today.

I’m scrounging anything that I think would make an interesting container from what I already have.

I’m still under the influence of Around The World in 80 Gardens, the patio gardens of Cordoba, Spain. This post.

IMG_0470_vista_salmon_salvia_elengrey_june_2015 (956x1280)

Vista Salmon, Salvia

This is some landscaping or drainage rectangle I found at the side of the road. Salvaged for the salvia.


Isn’t that the most spectacular color?

IMG_0475_zinnia_mix_elengrey_june_2015 (1280x797)

The zinnias are looking all sparkly, strutting their color. Show-offs! One plant was lost to a late frost.

Dang frost. You can see the vacancy in the front on the right.

Zinnia plot available. Free for the asking.

Usually this container is filled with spinach and lettuce, but I wanted a big box of happy by the kitchen door.

IMG_0380_snail_elengrey_june_2015 (1280x956)

Gratuitous snail with puddle shot after the rains. Can you find the snail?

Snails are not allowed in the garden containers, so they’re left to wander in the garden wilderness.

These are the days of their lives.

IMG_0458_crypt_right_elengrey_june_2015 (1280x956)

This is the right side of the garden crypt today. The two thymes and chives wintered-over from last year under a bed of straw.

They did beautifully. When the straw was first removed, there was nothing but twigs.

But I waited.

And waited.

And waited.

And look what happened.

The African Blue basil was just plunked in today. I don’t know what is going on with the basil. I’m growing some from seed, which is coming along nicely… so far. But I had to replace a tiny leaf basil I planted two weeks ago with the African Blue. It just dropped its leaves. Kinda slutty really. It wasn’t PG basil. You know what I’m saying?

To be continued…

For now, enjoy the shank of Hump Day.


Single Shot Monday: Scaffolding + Soul

I love a good bit of scaffolding.

I love lines and intersections.

I love metal and machinery.

I love signage.

I love to click it bigger. You will, too.

IMG_7803_scaffolding_september_2014 (1263x1280)

Not too shabby for a car shot.

This is a typical street shot in Toronto. It was taken last September.

The season of construction feels year round.

It feels particularly year round this year.

2015 Pan Am and Parapan American Games are coming. July and August, respectively.

Monday feels particularly like a little Queen of Soul.


Aretha Franklin is pure magic.

Now, let’s all git to work.


Close Shot Friday 099… Peek-A-Bera

Sometimes I like to go square or go home.


IMG_0371_gerbera_1_elengrey_june_2015 (1280x1280)


Gerbera. The happiest flower on the planet.

After the rain.

Dare I say… click it bigger?

IMG_0371_gerbera_1_elengrey_june_2015 (1280x1280) (2)

Let’s switch it up. It’s Friday.


If I were road-tripping to New Brunswick this summer, what shouldn’t I miss?

Now, I’m not saying I am. But I’m not saying I’m not either.

We always seem to be zip, zipping through New Brunswick on our way to somewhere else.

85% is forested.

No. I don’t want a meet & greet with the bears.

Get that out of your mind.

We’d like to spend some time on the coast. The Bay of Fundy is a must.

What else?

That Hump Day strawberry is so close to being ready I can taste it.


You know what to do. Meet you in the bar in 3…2…1…