6 thoughts on “Happy, Happy, Birthday Baby…

  1. What can we say but “Shake It Baby Shake it!”…while you still can!!!
    Enjoy your day Mr. G !
    Dave and Anne


  2. Happy Birthday G’Man 🙂

    Shake a tail feather, Cut a rug, Bust a move, or whatever you kids are calling it nowadays! 🙂


  3. Hey G!

    Hope you have the best birthday ever! May your day be filled with friends, family and love abounding! As the Pointer Sisters play inside my mind (oh, how that song brings back memories), I raise a cyber toast to your b-day and wish you many more 🙂




  4. Happy Birthday Mr G!!!! Hope the coming year brings nothing but sunshine and lollipops. Oops wrong song. Have a great day and a better year!


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