The Big V-Day…

Okay. Y’all who know me know I have a thing for red shoes. Mmm. Mmm. I surely do. Now, what you probably didn’t know is that I’m just a sucker for a man in a tuxedo. Oh. Yeah. So — natch — my visual nod to Valentine’s Day would have to include both. Erm — I’m sure there’s a jacket and trouser there somewhere, not to mention a little come-and-get-me dress.

Valentine’s Day

This looks like a before shot to me. I would expect the after shot to be, well, not quite so tidy. I’m thinkin’ sexy Go Train Guy from It’s Him — posted 01-28-08 — would look great in that tux. Now, we just have to find the hot, little Cinderella that belongs in those shoes!

Whether you’re with friends or lovers, traveling in packs or on your own — enjoy. Living in the North this winter, I’m just happy to see some red against all that white snow. And as Mr. G, honey says — Hell, you gotta do something in February!

Happy Valentine’s Day!