The Dimple, It’s a Tiebreaker…

It’s March Break in my wee corner of the world and men, women and children have boarded planes, boats, and trains and hightailed it as far south from this provincial snow dumpster as they can get. They’re wearing shorts and tees, SPF 40, shaking hands with Mickey, and slurping as many little drinks with umbrellas as humanly possible.

Bunch of TiesI’m not. I’m sitting here in my office dreaming of a flat screen monitor — and now a Roomba, thanks to Vonda Sinclair over at Fierce Romance — and thinking about men in neckties. The latter is work-related, so I can count that as productivity!

One of my current characters turns into a little mush puddle over a tie-clad guy. I totally get that.

There’s something about a man in a tie. Oh, men are fascinating in general, to be sure. And, they look great dressed down, dressed up and, well…….. in all states of dress and undress. But, a guy in a tie — oh man.

Red Bow Tie 1I’ve been reading about the necktie recently and have come to realize that there are perils to wearing this accessory. It’s easily entangled in machinery, it’s a walking bacteria fest — the least cleaned item of clothing, who knew! — and it can constrict the flow of blood at the neck. The list goes on. So FYI all you guys out there, you need to wear that tie with some respect.

The perils notwithstanding, there’s just something about a man in a necktie. Well, hello handsome. It’s the zing factor. There’s that little mental zing! hum! hello!………… yum! Necktie or bow tie — hoo boy — it matters not.

Man in Red NecktieDid you know there’s more than one way to tie a necktie? At there are about a dozen, ranging from the Half Windsor (not to be confused with the Half Nelson) to the Plattsburg — why is that a turn-on? — plus the bow tie and the ascot. Hey, how many of you guys out there know how to tie your necktie a dozen different ways? My guess is not too many. I can tell you that Mr. G, honey knows maybe two, tops. Go. See. Click on how to tie a tie. I don’t know what knot this fella’s wearing, but it’s working for me.

But, my favorite new factoid about the necktie, thanks to, is The Dimple.

Whether one chooses the four-in-hand, the Windsor, the half-Winsdor, or the Pratt (Shelby) knot, each should be tied so that there is a dimple or crease in the center of the tie just below the knot. This forces the tie to billow and creates a fullness that is the secret to its proper draping.

Note: For instructions on how to put the dimple in your tie, please see my July 29, 2008 post — Too Quiet.

It’s not bad enough that you guys run around with those cute little dimples in your cheeks and the yummy little clefts in your chins. No. Now you have dimples in your ties.

We’re toast! This is my character’s favorite tie-clad guy.

Tie on Naked Chest 1

Yeah, baby. It’s all about the tie!


7 thoughts on “The Dimple, It’s a Tiebreaker…

  1. You sure do take your research seriously. What a hard worker Elen is, checking out men on the train. “My what a nice dimple you have” πŸ˜€ Thanks for the daily smile.


  2. LOL! Keziah – you know how important research is. I spend a lot of time with fictional guys. It’s important to try to understand them – aliens though they may be. No worries. You’ll see. It’ll all tie-in. πŸ˜‰


  3. You know, I’m happy to see suits and ties coming back–not that they ever left, but people dress so informally these days. I love a guy in a good suit and a great tie.

    Especially Daniel Craig as James Bond! Wow!!!

    Back in the day, late 70s, I was teaching in college and had a pantsuit that came with a blouse with a long tie like a man’s, but the end fell below my waist band by a couple of inches. I got a male friend to teach me how to tie it. It was a “big knot” tie, but I don’t know its name.

    Then a friend told me that some men might not like my wearing such a long one, as some men equated the length and size of their tie to a particular piece of male anatomy.

    Remember, this was the time of the beginning of the women’s/feminist movement. What a hoot.

    Still wore the tie.



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