Don’t know why…

I’ve been blogging for just short of six months. Curiosity caught me, so I decided to see which posts were the most popular. These were the hot seven, ranked highest to lowest. I picked seven, because I’m actually writing this post on the 7th. Yeah. That’s the way my brain works.

1. I Think Your Fractal’s Sexy — I don’t think this post is about what people thought it was about.

2. The Dimple, It’s a Tiebreaker — Okay. There are a lot of guys out there looking for the how-to on the dimple knot. I’m happy to oblige. There’s a link at the very bottom of The Dimple post.

3. Sweating with Sven…1 — Well, Sven was pretty hot!

4. Pumkin Man Cometh… — I have no idea.

5. The Kiss — People put “kissing” in the search engine, a lot.

6. I’d like my cheekies by monthly subscription, please… — This post is exactly what people thought it was about. Maybe.

7. Honey… does this title make me look fat? — A personal favorite.

If you haven’t been here before, pop any of these titles into the search box. It’s right under About Elen. The post will magically appear. It’s the wonder of WordPress.