I’ve got a brand new Monday…

I’m into Steve Holy in a big way. Love the voice. Love the music. One of my fave tunes is Brand New Girlfriend. Steve’s got a brand new girlfriend. Well, I’ve got a brand new Monday. It’s funny how Monday roles around with such regularity. Whoda thunkit?

I greet most Mondays like a slug moving across the pavement after a good rain — not going anywhere in particular and in no hurry to get where I’m not going. The face is marked with sheet creases, and the hair looks like I’ve just seen a Technicolor horror. Okay. I look pretty much like that every morning. All I can say is Mr. G, honey must be in love to plant a kiss on my Monday morning mug. He pats me on the head and says, “cute,” too. This is followed by a deep, male chuckle. Mr. G, honey makes a funny.

But this morning, I’m feeling pretty fine. The sun is shining. The birds are chirping. The patio doors are open, and I can feel a warming breeze. It’s unseasonably warm. After our Canadian winter, I don’t mind a few days of unseasonably warm.

My writer buddy and I are into our second day of the mini writing marathon. I’m not sure how much I accomplished yesterday, but I started at 7:30 this morning, sheet-creased face and all. We skipped out yesterday afternoon to Nim’s Island, so that Keziah could get her fantasy Gerard Butler fix. You can read about it here.

It was a fun movie. While I loved all the characters and the actors who portrayed them, Jodie Foster stole the film for me with her portrayal of the self-proclaimed, borderline agoraphobic writer, Alexandra Rover. I’m sure most writers can identify with her imaginary friends — not to mention her writing process — I know I can.

I’ll be spending most of the day with my own imaginary friends. Okay. I confess. There will be that quick break for lunch at The Dog. Everyone has to experience The Dog just once. Other than that, it’s every writer in the kitchen for herself. Oh, boy. I hope Keziah doesn’t wander over here and find out she’s not getting dinner. I’ll chill a bottle of wine and pray she doesn’t notice. See Elen channel the less is more hostess.

How’s your Monday going so far?


One thought on “I’ve got a brand new Monday…

  1. My Monday is wonderful so far. I woke up with the fix to yesterday’s writing dilemma. Steve Holy is singing Good Morning Beautiful and the sun is shining in the office window. The Black Dog was amazing – healthy, delicious and green (in the environmental sense, not the call-the-Health-Department way). Wine is chilling in the fridge? If you tell me there’s chocolate for dinner, it’s pretty much the perfect day. Though I do miss my little zoo, your darling golden is doing her best to fill that gap. Thank you so much for a wonderful retreat. ❤


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