mini or manly…

A sweet rear end, and a reputation for living in the fast lane, what more could you want?

When this first caught my eye — and catch my eye, it did — I thought I was about to crack the cover on a JoAnn Ross hunky Special Ops guy, or a Sandra Hill Cajun bad boy, or a Susan Elizabeth Phillips come-to-mama jock. Three of my fave authors who write brilliantly.


This is the second line in an ad for the brand new MINI Cooper Clubman, which comes with an optional sports package. Okay. I already want it. They’ve done their job. End of story. Now, I’m just trying to figure out if it will hold one 74 pound Golden in that sweet rear end. It’s all about the dog.

When I think about it, I’ve always been a small car lover. I love the feel of hugging the road when I drive. I like to feel the bumps and shifts and turns. Driving down the road in a car that sails like the Battlestar Galactica — not so much. That’s what my mama likes to drive. All five feet and one inch of her. Go figure.

The classic MGB, Fiat, or the new Porsche Boxter S, that’s for me. FYI — I spent way too much time at Build Your Porsche. The only thing holding me back is $$$$.

Then there is the wee part of me that screams for a Dodge Ram — maybe even a Dually — or a Chevy Silverado. I’ve always wanted to hike up my skirt and crawl into the cab of a truck with wheels that look like hoola hoops on steroids. Makes me feel like I’m living in a Big & Rich song. It’s all about the tread, the chrome, the grille.

Abstract Vintage Truck Grille — Leif Norman, photographer

In truth, I drive a small, fuel-efficient car with itty, bitty tires. Ho-hum. Reality bites. Did I mention fuel-efficient?

So, what set of wheels gets your heart thumping? Tell.

Motorcyles — well, that’s a whole other blog. Sigh.


2 thoughts on “mini or manly…

  1. Speed. I want to put my foot to the floor and feel the engine leap forward. These days a 100 yard dash costs $1200 in gas so I’m thinking maybe a nice thoroughbred racehorse. I can dig my heels in, bend low over his neck and fly down the field. What that fantasy is threatened by all the subdivisions that were built overnight. What’s a field? Ok, how a bout a nice twelve speed bicycle, bent low over the handlebars, flying along the bike path?

    Seriously, I drover a Jaguar XJ-S for a month. Luxury, speed and hugged the curve. Plus the roar of that engine was deliciously sinful.


  2. Oh, you do make me laugh, Keziah. Horses have always been magical creatures to me. I haven’t been on one since I was not so grown up. Watch out for the bladers on that bicycle path! Okay, I’m into some serious Jaguar envy…


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