We honor…

This image is titled Freedom is Not Free photographer Gina Hanf.

I take this moment today, Memorial Day, to remember the fallen and to thank family and friends who have served, and are serving, in the military forces.

I have special thoughts for my adopted soldier today. I hope you and your team are safe and well, and I send you a big hug of gratitude. I just finished a letter to you, and it’s winging your way.

And to all those Soldiers’ Angels out there — you rock! As I write this, 772 soldiers are waiting for adoption.


4 thoughts on “We honor…

  1. Hi Elen,

    I’m a soldier’s angel too. I just adopted my second one as my first has returned home, mission accomplished!

    How did you get the Soldier’s Angels link in your sidebar? My widgets aren’t very friendly to me. Did you have to ask permission to be able to use that one?

    In any case, that is a beautiful photograph above. Thank you for sharing.

    God bless and keep all our troops. ~el


  2. Hi el – Thanks so much for stopping by and introducing yourself. I’m thrilled to meet another soldier’s angel. Yay! on the return of your soldier.

    I got the link in my sidebar from Soldiers’ Angels home site. In their left sidebar you will see Links. Click on that. Then find Links to Us! It’s there. Click on a selection of banners. You don’t need permission to use the links that are there. The code is provided.

    I’m glad you like the photograph. It’s very powerful. All best.


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