I haz a happy, part 2…

Lesson Learned at the Fun Farm: Never stand in line with a bunch of munchkins to get your face painted. They think you’re a tree, so they just dart in front of you bouncing on their munchkin toes — full of munchkin Joy. How could I possibly tell any of those cute little sprites that I was there first? Nah. Not gonna happen. So, I made like an Ent and strode back to Middle-earth.

The pancakes were great. Three of the light fluffies with strawberries, syrup and whip cream. Goodbye GI Diet, hello yum.

I didn’t get my face painted or have a pony ride, but I didn’t leave without another crate of strawberries either. Besides, Taste of the Danforth is coming. I can get a henna tattoo. There’ll be other trees in line.

The weekend, she has arrived!