The dog ate my blog…

My week just sort of belched and rolled to a stop Tuesday. I left the theater Tuesday with my birthday bud, high on a rush of Mamma Mia Abba music and onion rings, and promptly ran into a wall of — insert your own adjective here — bureaucrats spouting bureaucratic Pig Latin. Go ahead. Google it. There are over a million results. Here’s one.

The major part of two days — gone. I’ll spare you all the gory details, or this post will be nothing more than a rant. Let’s just say — oh, let’s not. How do you give hundreds of students the same 6:30 to 9:30 appointment? How do you tell students who have been standing in line for an hour and a half to go away for an hour and come back and get in line again, because you — oops, sorry — neglected to re-image and have their laptops ready for pick-up at the time you assigned? How do you just kiss off the fact that some have made 6-hour return trips two days in a row, or that they’ve sacrificed hours of critical employment dollars to be here at the time you allotted? Don’t disrespect the student this way.

We were standing in the laptop drop-off and pick-up line that would never end, twice — only we weren’t singing the Coca Cola song, holding hands and feeling the love. The only upside was The Man From Accounting. He was like The Men From U.N.C.L.E.; he could get things done. All I can say is honey, you are going to go far, do well, be successful when you graduate.

I know. Your eyes are still tracking the words “onion rings.” I can feel that wave of onion ring lust way over here. Everybody knows birthday lunches have no calories. It’s an unwritten rule. Having tatted this rule on my brain, I ordered a nice healthy chicken wrap with lots of veggies and splurged on a side of the biggest, crispest, juiciest onion rings I have ever had — ever — hold the salad. No regrets. Well, one regret. There wasn’t time to finish the onion rings before heading to the theater. I was going to take them with me, but didn’t want to be jumped in my seat when I opened the bag and that yum onion ring scent wafted over the audience.

I have to get my grumble off and settle into the pages for the day. A good thump and thrash scene would work well about now. Something right out of The Mummy — I, II or III.

At least we’re on the other side of Hump Day. So, how’s your week going so far?