Digging in, digging under, digging out…

I’m crash-cleaning my office today. I know. I’ve said that before. Today, I’m absolutely doing it. I’ve seriously thought about weighing each blue bin of recycle and every clear plastic bag of shred before it goes to the curb. Too anal, right? Too Virgo?

It’s the two R’s today. Reduce and recycle. No reusing. It must go out the door. It absolutely must.

Why am I doing this? Because, I can find  n o t h i n g . If I’m lucky, I’ll find a misplaced bag of contraband M&M peanuts.

I’d put up pics, but that would be just TMI. While I pitch, I’m waiting for my new flip flops to arrive from south of the border. I bought them because they have these cute, little, red moose on them. It was an act of Canadian caprice, or patriotism, I haven’t decided which. Unimportant. Gracie Golden Pup and I live for the big, shiny truck.

Back to bagging and pitching. I’ve got the iPod plugged into my computer speakers, screaming out my fave, eclectic playlist — saving the eardrums from a blowout for sure.

Right now — listening to I Still Miss You. Yeah. Sing it, Keith, honey.

Hello, Monday.