Dave Kellett, you’re in my head…

Sheldon on September 16, 2008.

And, now you’re in my feed, my sidebar. I’ve become a Sheldonista. Thanks, Matt! I’m still laughing over cauliflower.

Yesterday, I got up all fruit smoothie. I did the banana-peach-yogurt-skim milk-wheat germ thing and had a little metabolism kickstart. I am Elen. Hear me roar.

Today, I was all Big Gulp caffeine. Resting my head on the fridge. Listening to the drip, plunk, drip, deep-breathing coffee vapor.

Yeah. In the end, you always pay for those fruit smoothie mornings.

Let the day commence. I’ll be writing. What will you be doing?


7 thoughts on “Dave Kellett, you’re in my head…

  1. Thanks to you and Matt for the morning chuckle. I can always count on the two of you when I’m searching for humour. I love cauliflower but my nephew always called it “polar bear heads”. Corn on the cob was “giraffes’ necks”.

    I was headed for a fruit smoothie before I wrote. Instead I put out a jar of sun tea while I help bring in the paneling for the attic. Hmmm, I liked my original plan better.


  2. Keziah – I’m all about the Oreo pie crusts, myself. LOL

    Hmm. Attic paneling — you made need that fruit smoothie after all. Sometimes it’s my lunch, dinner.

    I’m going to have to start blogging at night. I’m seeing a pattern to my morning blogs. 😉

    Matt – Sheldon rocks!


  3. Ooo that does make more sense, and funny too. I just thought you were playing the polar bear heads, llama brains game with the Oreo pie crust and I couldn’t figure out what food it was supposed to be. Blackened catfish? Burnt spaghetti? that kind of thing. I should have known better. You’re funnier.


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