I need a title generator. Srsly…

My favorite season has officially arrived. I waxed eloquently on this subject here, so I’ll try to curb my enthusiasm.

I will say that it was downright nippy this morning at 9 Celsius — 48 Fahren. Right now I’m sporting the Northern Girl layered look: requisite undies, t-shirt, yoga pants, a hoodie that says Totally Beachin’, and socks. By the end of the day, I’ll be down to t-shirt and yoga pants with flip-flops.

I refuse to turn the furnace on. I’m saving my virgin motor for winter. If I had a fake log, I’d throw it in the fireplace, environmental correctness be gone. Hmm. I’ll bet there’s some nice, dry wood in the garage. Let’s see. I would have to find my keys. Put on shoes. Fight my way past a couple of dormant bikes and a hibernating big boy snowblower. I think that’s more effort than I want to put into heat on a Monday morning. I’ll just tough it out. I am Northern Girl. Here me roar.

I’m multitasking right now. I’m listening to a recorded message from the library for Mr. G, honey while I write this post. You gotta love speaker phones. I always like to do a little talk-along when the fake library person calls. I know all the words by heart. It’s like playing phone karaoke. Oh, boy. This is sounding like I don’t get out much. This could be true.

I’ve already done 2 1/2 hours of editing and commenting on a work project and hit the RSS feeds. I need to raise the shade. I need some breakfast and another slug of decaffeine. The trouble is, there is no breakfast. No eggs. No cereal — we’re discounting the hamster buds here — no yogurt. Note: put grocery shopping on Remember The Milk. I think I can cobble together some peanut butter toast.

If you’re not familiar with Remember The Milk, go here. I heart it. It squats right on my iGoogle page as an add-on, and I can see what-I’m-not-doing-at-a-glance, and so much more. It’s kind of like a to-do list with benefits. It doesn’t get any better than that. It’s a small program that packs a lot of power. I can add it to Twitter. Best ever.

Pumpkins forever!


2 thoughts on “I need a title generator. Srsly…

  1. The air is crisp, isn’t it? Mr. G, honey did not take that photograph. I cannot tell a lie. 😉 He did take the one in the link. I’m wondering who lives behind the gate in this image. I’m wondering that a lot.


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