Basically, it’s Monday…

Roofer dudes are gone. Silence is golden. Butt-ugly dumpster still on neighbor’s drive, blocking my view of autumn.

I’m totally coordinated in flannel this morning. I’ve had my Red River Cereal and Vits and am ready to rock ‘n roll, or at the very least — open a blank Word file.

Ever had Red River Cereal? It was developed in the early 1920s in Manitoba’s Red River Valley. It’s made up of the Manitoba goodness of cracked wheat, cracked rye and whole and cracked flax seed. It’s a hot cereal with a nutty aroma and flavor….and I can feed it to the birds, too. Srsly. It’s my hot cereal of choice.

The left lens fell out of my glasses this morning, so I’m starting my Monday morning in true Monday morning fashion. For some reason, I feel comforted by that.

I can’t get this song out of my head. Does it count as my workout? Bring it, Vanessa!


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