The incredible, inflatable Christmas…

Gingerbread CookiesThe weather is bitter and snowy in Western Canada and bitter and icy in Eastern Canada and the US, but I have to tell you it’s a balmy 40+ Fahren where I’m sitting in the middle. The snow has mostly disappeared revealing a landscape yard of Golden poop. Yes, that is how I spent my morning recess — mucking Golden poop. Ugh.

Nine more days until Christmas. Every time I pass Alien Tree, I blink a few more ornaments on it. It is a tree in progress. Hopefully, I can type The End on that tree soon, because the deadline is looming. I mean Looming.

No longer the purview of car dealerships and chicken palaces, our street is having the incredible, inflatable Christmas this year. Is this happening to you, too? There are inflatable Christmas tableaux on every other lawn. During the day, they look like Christmas shadows, all flat and crumpled. But at night, they magically spring to life, and we have merry little trees, Santa, Santa and his reindeer, Frosty the Snowman, giant ornaments with Santa and his reindeer inside… But my favorite, hands down, went up yesterday — Referee Santa standing between two hockey players. I love this land. Our commitment to hockey is fierce. See Elen laughing.

Sven is busy writing Christmas cards. I know this, because he hasn’t noticed that I’m over here blogging with you and not bench pressing my word count.

I’m moving Humor Me from Friday to Monday. I need a laugh more on Monday than on Friday. From now on, it’s gonna be Monday. Monday it is. And, here it is.  Oh, and if you want to laugh until your sides ache, go rent Horton Hears a Who! now. This animated film was pure delight from beginning to end. Go on. Be a kid. You know you want to. Yeah, Elen’s mantra.

Okay. Who’s baking gingerbread? I can smell it way over here.

It’s Monday in the blogosphere, folks.


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