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cast iron skilletI got a spiffy, shiny, cherry red enameled cast iron skillet for Christmas, something I’ve been lusting after for a long time. Looking at it, I’ve decided it’s the perfect recessionary gift, for a number of reasons.

It comes with a lifetime limited warranty. I think the limited may have to do with my own lifetime.

It’s recommended uses are: searing, sautéing, tenderizing, frying, and deglazing. I christened it by making a grilled cheese sandwich, but I used aged white cheddar so I could feel all Top-Cheffish. I’m this close [ ] to making my own hot dog.

The first time I lifted this skillet, I realized that it had more than just searing, sautéing, tenderizing, frying, and deglazing possibilities. It had heft. I’m thinking store-this-sucker-in-the-gym-bag heft. I’m thinking arm-curl heft.

Now, I’m wondering just how much heft my hefty skillet has, so I run upstairs with my cherry red skillet — huff, puff, wheeze — and jump on the scale. Note: this is not the smartest thing to do post Christmas gluttony.

Back to I jumped on the scale.


The only thing worse would have been if it were a talking scale, and then I’d have to kill it with my cherry red skillet.  I quickly jumped back off, and then jumped back on with the skillet. I counted this as morning exercise. The skillet weighed-in at 5 lbs, a few ounces less than tech baby when she was born.

I. Did. Not.

Yep. Now I can do arm curls at home. In my jammies. No waiting to get dressed for the gym. Bonus.

I can strap it on my back and get a better cardio workout.

I can prop open the door.

I can use it to thwack unsuspecting perps, when Gracie Golden Pup is too busy watching CNN to do her Golden job.

I can use it as a paperweight for anything from a short story to a magnum opus.

And best of all — Look out spiders. Elen’s got a brand new hammer!

Best recessionary gift skillet ever.

Did you get a gift like this?

It’s the last Monday of 2008. Everybody to the bar!


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