Push, push, push…

PushI just ran over here to say — I’m writing. You really wanted to know that. Right? Thought so.

As in  W R I T I N G.

I can’t think of a better muse-of-the-moment than Jack Black. This Jack Black. Go Jack!


My world today — white. Time to apply some colored pencils to my view.

Sven just looked up from flipping through the January issue of Men’s Health magazine. Uh, oh. He’s tossing it on the mat….crooking a finger. That can’t be good.

Gotta go.


7 thoughts on “Push, push, push…

  1. If you click on the word “here” in my comment it should have taken you directly to youtube.

    Yeah, me too. I just spent the last two hours listening to him and Andrea Bocelli on youtube while I wrote.


  2. Ah. You’re right. On my screen, I didn’t see the color difference for the link. Now, readers have two opportunities to listen to this beautiful music. 🙂 Thank you.

    We insist. Right, Keziah? lolz


  3. Ah, The Holiday! Great movie! I usually can’t stand Jack Black, but he fit.

    Of course, I love just about anything with the gorgeous Kate Winslet 🙂


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