Okay, here’s what I learned…

Orange SocksI know. I’ve been a very bad blogger. Very Bad. But I’ve been going head-to-head and toe-to-toe. On the mat. With Sven. Now Sven may be easy on the eyes, as in come-to-mama easy, but he’s pretty much a Mr. Meany on the mat. Don’t take it personally Sven, honey. You are what you are.

Mr. Meany

Mr. Meany.
Mr. Meany.

I haven’t updated my sweatmeter for awhile, but I’ll be doing that shortly.

Anyway, back on the 3rd of January in my post Nowhere, I said I hoped someone would come along, read my blog, and tell me more about the tiles in my new header. That didn’t happen….yet.

But, when Mr. G, honey was offleash with the Golden Pup last week, he met a guy running his dog who, as it happens, works in the area where these tiles were photographed. Don’t ask me how this conversation came about, but it was Mr. G, honey after all; and if you get into a conversation with him, you will eventually tell him everything.  It’s a gift. Yeah. I’m laughing.

As it turns out, the tiles are actually bronze and are part of the Gardiner East Public Art Project, which you can read more about here. There are 114 of them in a mosaic approximately 10 x 31 feet, and the tiles themselves are 19 x 19 inches. The tiles were created by families, community groups and school children. Just how cool is that?

There are three other facets to this art project — stone markers, the restored columns, and stainless steel panels that portray local images, both contemporary and in days of yore. Photographer Sam Javanrouh took a photograph of these columns with example of two of the stainless steel panels. I discovered his weblog, Daily Dose of Imagery, while voting this week at the 2008 Weblog Awards. I was so taken by his photographs, that I’ve put his link in my sidebar.

So, just how many degrees of separation are we talking about here? I had no idea, when I asked Mr. G, honey for a copy of his image for my header, just how the story would unfold. I plan to visit the area in the spring. Hopefully, the snow — which is still coming down day after day after day — will be gone by then. I want an up close and personal view.

Now, excuse me. Sven is dogging my every step.

Sven! I made meatloaf for dinner. The good stuff.

He’s so easy.