The man can wear a pair…

I want Danny Gokey to go shopping with me for my next pair of frames. Seriously. Can the man wear a pair or what?

I’ve been cogitating, ruminating, stewing over new frames for the last year. This is why —


I wore these back in the day. They weigh a bazillion pounds. Yup. Picked these suckers out all by myself. I’m pretty sure they covered my entire face, doubling as sunscreen.


If you know me, you know I love red in all its shades. This is a burgundy tortoise weighing in at half a bazillion pounds.


Gold frames with black rims. I’ve got matching clip-ons for this pair. Be still my heart. Still hefty, but can’t be used as a paperweight. I cannot tell a lie. I have matching clip-ons for them all. All of them.


These are for wearing at the computer only. My computer glasses… B.T. — before trifocals. They weigh nothing and could double as a giant paper clip in a pinch. Spring-loaded, black wires.


These are my current frames. Yeah. I know. They’re kind of a pinkish gold with red tipped ear pieces. They are my first experiment with trifocals and the ugly bane of my existence. TheΒ  u g l y Β  b a n e .

Have you ever tried to read your computer screen with a pair of trifocals? I’m thinking the only thing that is going to work is if I hook my flat screen monitor up to some gizmo — like the Canadarm — and spend my working day with my finger on a button….buzz, buzz, buzz.

None of these frames are right for my face. What was I thinking? What was my purveyor of eye wear thinking? I’m a magnet for ugly frames. I would have modeled them all for you, but I’m having a bad hair decade.

And that is why I need Danny Gokey as my personal shopper for frames. He can win American Idol, too. But let’s just stay focused here for a sec. It’s all about the frames.

The man can wear a pair.


4 thoughts on “The man can wear a pair…

  1. I hear ya. A couple of my friends – even the hubby – have these awesome, stylish frames.

    I have the same awkward frames that I’ve had since 9th grade. At least they’re only for reading. If I had to use them for everything, I might insist on a nicer pair.


  2. I love flashy frames. Which doesn’t explain those two pair of granny glasses in my distant past. But hey, it was the 70s! (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.)

    And I love Danny’s. Which is why I was SHOCKED that he, of all people, chose boring old almost invisitble accountant glasses for rock night!! They should’ve been big, black, wide Chanels with rhinestones. (Think Adam’s eyeliner.) Like the ones I reluctantly took back to lenscrafters after two weeks because they were too over the top for days I wanted to stay invisible here in East TN.

    I replaced them with slightly smaller red ones. With less and smaller rhinestones. πŸ™‚

    I did read that in the beginning the show was making him tape over the designer logos. So his optometrist started sending him bunches without obvious logos. But I think I did notice some tape a couple weeks ago.


  3. LOL. I’m not sure I can wear rhinestones for day wear…. yet. But if they’re red, well there is just no telling what I might do. Hm. I wonder if I’ve seen those frames at LensCrafters online?

    I do agree with you about Gokey’s frames for rock night. They should have been really flashy.

    Someone else who knows how to wear a pair is Jude Law in the movie The Holiday.

    I might just have a little thing for men who wear glasses. πŸ˜€


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