The tough decisions…

I’m making the tough decisions today — flannel sheets or cotton?

I leaned over and stupidly asked Mr. G, honey last night, as he was entering the early stages of man-sleep — aka pre-snore — if he was ready for the flannel sheets to come off the bed and be replaced by cool cotton? I’m a night person. This is what I do.

I saw what looked like some REM going on there, but it was too early for that, heard a growl and then, Yes.



Really. Because it still feels kinda cold to me…

At which point, Mr. G, honey rolled to the neutral zone and pretended to snore.

And I was left to contemplate the universe in all its splendor and which footed nightie I’d be wearing against those damn cold cotton sheets come Friday night.

Well, it’s Friday morn and it’s going down to 15 tonight, so I’m issuing an executive order — Flannel Sheets Forever!

That is all.

My weekend will be spent doing a major kill-me-now spring clean, followed by a Guinness reward. How about you?

Writer Lisa Kessler has commenced her Friday Happy Dance of Joy! and here is my offering.

TGIF, baby!


2 thoughts on “The tough decisions…

  1. Hey Elen,

    I think I bear personal responsibility for the change in weather, because a few days ago I bought my summer work shirts. Since then it’s been nothing but two layers of sweaters and a down-filled jacket. Sigh. Don’t give up the flannel.



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