It was a tough call…

The TGIF didn’t start so great this morning. If you are following me on Twitter, you know that I spilled thick, blueberry/strawberry, breakfast smoothie ooze over my desk, barely missing the mini netbook, wounding the mini mouse, and taking out all the writing notes there. It was a Home Alone moment.

The mini mouse was rushed to critical care where she had a quick rinse and blow dry. I used the mini blow dryer. It was right to do so. She seems to have made a full recovery. At least, nothing shorted out when I plugged her into the netbook. It’s all good.

The notes are gone, baby, gone.

So, it was a tough call this Friday for something to lend to writer Lisa Kessler’s Friday Happy Dance of JOY!

But this spoke to me in a sort of so-you-spilled-smoothie-all-over-your-desk-shit-happens-kind-of-way. I can say the S word, because neither my mama, Sven or Conn is looking over my shoulder at the moment. You can read all about Sven or Conn by typing their names in the search bar right up there. Up. Up. Up. A little to the right. That’s it.

As penance, my coffee mug is sitting across the room on the bookcase. I have to jump up and run over there whenever I want a hit of caffeine. I might even burn a calorie. Probably not. Because when I say jump, I mean get. When I say run I mean shuffle.

Come to think of it, the bookcase might be another Home Alone moment-in-waiting.

TGIF, baby!