Hanging on…

I’m living in images these days. Can’t say why. Maybe because autumn is my favorite time of year.

I look at my garden and get a sense of hanging on.

Weigela, baby! Look at that color just hanging on.

Nearly Wild Rose saying — Hell, no. We won’t go.

Hydrangea, I love you so. And if I could only remember your name. Pee Gee, is it? Honey, you know how to hang on.

Coreopsis Moonbeam, no one can call you a quitter.

This is me. Hanging on to Tuesday. Hanging on to my sanity. Hanging on to my plot. Hanging on to my…

Just kidding. This is actually a picture taken in August at the Toronto Scotiabank Buskerfest for epilepsy. I do that every day, don’t you? Mr. G, honey took this shot. I might have been getting my face painted, who can say.


And would somebody please take this man’s flowers, because he is just barely hanging on.

It’s Tuesday. Hang in there.


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