Underdog, or Mighty Underdog?…

Team Air Force — We may be the underdog, but we are the Mighty Underdog!


As you can see by the numbers up there — straight up at the top — Team Army is serving up a big ol’ can of whoopass to the rest of us fund-raising for Soldiers’ Angels Valour-IT Project. You’re rockin’ it, Team Army. Kudos!

I’m okay with that — In your dreams, Team Army — because all monies raised will go to support the wounded across all branches of the military. And every cent is spent on the technologies needed to help these men and women move toward more independent living.

Since Valour-IT was conceived, nearly 6,000 laptops have been provided to wounded vets. But it’s not just laptops. It’s Wii Video Game Systems, Personal GPS; now Ipad, too. As of the end of November 2nd, we’ve raised $31,318. At $800 a pop, that’s 39 laptops, or a nice combination of the rest.

What can these pieces of technological wonder do? Here’s what Soldiers’ Angels says:

Each of the devices Valour-IT supplies helps restore confidence and independence. Voice-activated laptops reconnect the wounded with the world and develop self-confidence by showing soldiers they can continue to be engaged and productive despite their injuries. Wounded service members also use the laptops for education about their medical care or preparation for post-military career. Physical therapists report Wii Sports and similar programs are extremely motivational and beneficial when used in physical therapy settings, though they are not standard equipment in military hospitals. And wounded personnel with short-term memory loss due to TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) and severe PTSD use GPS systems to keep from getting lost or disoriented when they move on to more independent living.

I can’t think of a better way to give back to those who have given service beyond measure.

I’d just like you to donate to my team — Team Air Force, the Mighty Underdog — here. You can do that by clicking on the donate button in the sidebar at the very top of this blog.

If you want to play for one of the other teams or give a non-specific donation, go here.

Soldiers’ Angels is only too aware of these tough economic times. We’re asking you to dig deep, find a buck or two. It all adds up to some phenomenal support to those who have given so much. Please consider a donation today.