Have you seen the title fairy this morning?…

I’m pretty sure I met this PMS-y critter in my backyard this past week. More than once. No doubt we’ll be seeing more of each other this week, as the leaves they keep a’coming.

Those Christmas lights went up on Saturday without a hitch. And since it is Cold, Baby, Cold! today, I am smiling over my foresight. They will not be turned on until December 1st. Okay, maybe the first Sunday in Advent, November 28th, which is still after American Thanksgiving. It’s a rule.

Hear me, Mr. G, honey?

I am firm on this. I have resolve. My will cannot be bent.

I can see his eye-roll through the intertoobs.

There are lights on here people. Last Wednesday night on the way to the mall for my twofor flu shot — H1N1 and seasonal — for season 4 of Friday Night Lights and for films (forever after known as 3-F Wednesday) I kept shouting out Lights at 10 o’clock! Lights at 2 o’clock! It was the 10th of November. Last night, I was looking out my office window over the garage at my neighbor’s Christmas tree in his front window…. lit. It sure was pretty. Early. Pretty. Pretty early.

So let’s just do a quick little survey. When do you turn your Christmas lights on?

If you’re living in the Great White North, I can understand why you would turn them on in December November October.

It’s dark.

I’m halfway through 30 posts in 30 days, National Blog Posting Month — NaBloPoMo — November. That means my NaNoWriMo friends are halfway there.

How’s it going?

On another note — Have you seen the title fairy this morning?


6 thoughts on “Have you seen the title fairy this morning?…

  1. I dont’ put lights up outside (have an apartment at the moment) but I put them up INSIDE. All the time in the winter. The time just changed, it is now dark when I get home, it’s november, depressing, and I need a little color in my life. When I moved into my apartment they painted it beige-white. Now its spooky-LED blue. Much better, I say.


    • I hear ya! November. Dark. Ugly dark. It’s nice that you put them up inside. I like to put a strand of twinkle lights in my office in the winter. It gives a nice warm glow on those oh so gloomy days. Thanks for stopping by with your comment.


  2. I restarted my novel about 5 times… after 14k worth of restarts, I realized it just wasn’t going to work and started something new and silly. That’s actually shaping up pretty well, surprisingly!

    We don’t really do Christmas lights, being apartment dwellers, but we have seasonal candle holders that make the place nice and cozy 🙂


    • Great to see you, Matt! Sounds like it was never meant to be. I’m glad you found something that is working for you. I understand the whole apartment dweller thing. Seasonal candles are lovely. Thanks for stopping by. Good luck with #nano.


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