At last…home

Mr. G, honey popped this in my e-box last night, and when I clicked on the link, I knew it would become my Monday post. You should click on it, too. It’s 3:06 minutes short. We can all of us use 3:06 minutes of happy.

It gives me joy just to see it. Hear it. Feel it in my bones. And I do love getting my joy on.

Not one instrument was used in its creation, yet I hear music.

It makes me think about lovers, family, friends, and strangers in a strange land.

It makes me think about American Thanksgiving coming this week, and how many people will be traveling from one place to the next. How many will be traveling home — to family, to loved ones. Some may be getting on a plane, a train, a bus for the very first time. Traveling to a destination they’ve never been before. To give thanks. To celebrate. To lift each other up.

Because Monday is also known as #MilitaryMon in the Twitter community — and that hashtag is used to send messages of support and thanks to U.S. troops (and their families) — it makes me think of our deployed men and women serving across the globe who won’t be making it home this Thanksgiving. If you’re on Twitter, I hope you will take a moment to send them a tweet of support, using #militarymon and #sot. It matters. To Them. That’s my plug.

The Boys are Back in Town vignette, made me smile and think of those soldiers who will be home this Thanksgiving, male and female alike, and how happy some sweethearts are going to be.

It makes me think of the troops leaving Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany — the first major stop for the critically wounded out of Afghanistan and Iraq — making their journey home, and the anxious moms and dads and sons and daughters waiting to welcome them back. Family and friends, too.

It lifts me. I hope it lifts you.

Yes. Unapologetically sentimental, unapologetically hopeful.


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