Half full, or half empty?…

I’m thinking Glass-Half-Full Girl vs Glass-Half-Empty Girl. Smackdown!

I first saw this over at Boxing the Octopus. This is my go-to blog for writing. They stimulate, provoke thought, make me laugh. This is their blog cover blurb —

a predominantly jolly crew of publishing pros on the joy of reading, the craft of writing, and the many-tentacled business of books

They are. They surely are. But don’t take my word for it. Click on over and read for yourself.

On November 10th, they made me laugh. This is one of those laugh or cry moments, depending on the psychic waves out there in your universe.

So. It’s the Wednesday before American Thanksgiving. The Hump Day Wednesday before American Thanksgiving. American Thanksgiving Eve.

No one is here reading this post anyway. You’re either at the office counting the minutes until the long weekend; on the road/at the airport/in the train station/hanging at the bus depot; making pie — I can smell the pie right through the intertoobs; or totally freaking out because you’re not ready for the 368 guests that will be arriving any second now. I’ve heard through the Twitter that some of you are even snowed in.

So. I have free rein. Free rein, baby, to bring you this. ‘Cause you’re not here anyway.


Note: In the interest of full disclosure, Colleen and Joni and crew have no idea they’re being blogged about here today. They’ll never know my love.

That’s how we roll on Hump Day.