This is how to do Monday…

…in December.

A little wild. A little crazy. A whole lot of fun.

Straight No Chaser – 12 Days

I’m counting on having this much energy today. This much.

We were doing the whole Christmas tree trimming thing this weekend. It was the year of the artificial tree. We alternate, because I just have to smell fresh pine, get sap in my hair, and crawl around the floor cursing a bent trunk every other year. The artificial tree is only 6 feet tall, so we put it on a table. It’s whimsical. Yes. That is exactly what it is.

The little burg had their Christmas tree lighting ceremony, complete with fireworks.

Our car was in a fender bender. Poor little car.

I exploded three quarts of chicken stock in the freezer. Don’t ask, and I won’t tell. Okay. I probably will tell, especially if I got a decent picture.

We had snow on the ground Sunday. Gracie Allen Golden Pup was in her element. She rolls like a horse. She dashes. She slides. She snuffles with her nose. She cavorts with all her might.

That’s my weekend flash report. How about you?

Hello, Monday!