Basically, it’s a post about nuts…

… get cracking.

I have a little secret. I love pottery. I love to collect it. I love to use it. I love to break it. Well, not so much the last part. I do break a lot of it. It is my fate. My albatross. My doom.

This is one of the many pieces I haven’t managed to smash, chip, crush, obliterate. It’s in one piece, sans chip. And I use it for many things. Right now, during this season of small indulgences, I’m using it for walnuts-classic nutcracker-nut picks. That way I can eat healthy and burn calories at the same time. I am wise in these matters.

Enough about nuts.

It’s the Friday before Christmas Eve — 7 days. Eep!

Finds on the Feed:

For Writers: @ Nathan Bransford’s Blog — In a This Week in Books post, a humorous 2.37 minute video reveal of how the New York Times Bestseller list is generated. Scroll, baby, scroll. Down.

For Chocolate Lovers: @ Honest Fare — A post on Mast Brothers Chocolate. This is chocolate as art form. The video is a stroke of genius.

For Readers: @ The Pioneer Woman — A Beautiful Christmas Story by Ree Drummond. This Christmas tale will make you laugh, wince, cry, shake your head, hug your kids, and wish you had cows. Maybe not.

TGIF, baby!

Shew! I spent the day running here and running there, getting this and getting that, and wishing I was eating a sugary Christmas cookie, or watching Johnny Depp in The Tourist, or… Nope, I can stop with Depp.