A warm-up to Monday…

I’m shredding my world today, or large chunks of it anyway. This is not my first day of shredding. Won’t be my last. I’m an experienced shredder.

Xena, Warrior Shredder!

There is no time for tweeting, texting, instant messaging, Skyping, surfing, Facebook-ing. I need both hands to shred if I want to keep my fingers intact. And I do. I surely do.

So I thought I’d give you a warm-up to Monday.

A prelude. A precursor. A preface. A preamble.

None of those. I’m just messing with you.

A preview. Stop it!

A glimpse of the Big Day of Love.

Love Line

I love animation. Totally brilliant.

Inquiring minds want to know. Do you have big plans for the Big Day of Love? And will those plans be executed on the day, or the weekend prior?


FYI — Calgon did not take me to Puglia, Italy yesterday. Major bummer.

2 thoughts on “A warm-up to Monday…

  1. Sorry to hear Calgon let you down. Can you save the shredded paper for Yoda? He likes to do origami with it. It’s hilarious, and yet he comes up with some cool stuff. No plans to celebrate the Big Day of Love here. We try to do it every day 😀


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